8 Jobs that Robots are Probably Going to Take Over

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With technology on the rise, it doesn’t take a genius to see that robots are posed to take over. You thought the Rise of the Machine was just a movie? Well, wait til you see what is in store for us over the next 30 years. There are many things that robots already do from cutting tool engineering to digital money counters. Before those things were invented, how do you think it got done? By people, of course! Real, live humans working a job. But machines were more cost effective and efficient so the humans were replaced. The same happened with spinner machines, most factory jobs and more. And it’s not going to stop. Here areeight jobs that are going to be given to robots within the next three decades.

This is probably one place that you never thought you’d see a robot behind the counter. However, UCSF Medical Center has already launched their first robotics pharmacy as two of their hospitals. While there are many kinks to work out and there are still humans that ensure the proper functionality of the robots, it won’t be long til they’re on their own.

There is so much research involved in being a lawyer or a paralegal. Digitized software can get all of that done so much quicker for so much cheaper. This means that a lot of the staff at a law firm will become unnecessary. While lawyers are still needed to fight for you in court for now, those who are reviewing documents and looking for information can be phased out.

It’s only a matter of time before automated cars are the way of the world. They claim it will increase safety measures on the road and reduce commuting time but this means that any kind of driver job will become null and void. This includes but is not limited to limo driver, taxi drivers, chauffeurs, uber drivers,

Let’s face it, going to space, while novel, is dangerous. They’ve been working for years on android technology and cutting tool engineering. There’s already a robot that cleans the space station and helps the humans in space operations. Pretty soon, they will probably replace the space walkers themselves. Robots can withstand more dangerous climates and temperatures than humans can so they’ll be able to explore the universe more thoroughly. Plus, if they can’t withstand it and they break down, it’s only a loss of money, not life.

Bank Tellers
Mobile banking and the ATM machine has already lessened the need for bank tellers and as technology increases and they add more ability to the websites and the ATM’s, bank tellers will become completely obsolete.

Drones and other types of machinery are often used om the battle field. While there is no talk yet of pulling human soldiers out entirely, Foster-Miller did come up with an automated robot that was armed. Cutting too engineering programmed it to be able to tell when it was in a fire zone and no fire zone, could open doors, drag out injured bodies and was manufactured with an internal GPS.

Child Care Workers
The worse the world gets, the more parents don’t want to leave their kids with babysitters. As long as a robot is programmed properly, you know your child will be perfectly safe. Already there have been babysitter robots used in Japan.

First Responders
Robots have the ability to reach places that humans can not. They can also be made a lot stronger and would be able to carry multiple injured humans at once in a mass crisis.

Now, you don’t want to just live in fear. The human version of cutting tool engineering and candy wrappers managed to move and see the benefits of the robots. The might have even gotten better jobs that were less tedious and boring. However, if you are working in one of these jobs, or even another one; for example, if you are involved in the machine monitoring systems, then you might want start to get serious about saving up for retirement. It might be coming sooner than you think. Machines will be monitoring their own machines soon enough just like cutting tool engineering.

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