Researching the Prices of Parking Lot Services Can Help You Protect the Value of Your Property

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It looks like the snow is finally coming to an end. After an Easter Sunday snow in many parts of the country, many businesses are finally ready to get their properties ready for spring. And while landscaping companies can come in and get the flower beds ready and replanted with bright colors, it takes a different kind of professional crew to address the messy parking lots that are left after a long winter of snow and ice.

In order to make their parking lots more safe for both drivers and pedestrians, many businesses use both sand and gravel when ice and snow become a problem. This sand and gravel, however, creates a real mess at the end of the winter season. In fact, the leftover sand in a parking lot and on the sidewalk can become a hazard itself once the winter weather is gone. Sand in the parking lot can make it difficult for cars to come to a quick stop. Sand on sidewalks can lead to slips and falls for both employees and customers. As a result, many property owners consider covering parking lot sweeping prices to make sure that they have a safe place even when the snow and ice are gone.

Parking Lot Sweeping Prices Are an Important Investment for Many Business Owners

How your business looks on the outside can impact the first impression that you make on your customers. So in addition to making sure that everyone is safe as they drive or walk in your parking lot or sidewalks, the exterior of your building can look as well maintained as the inside offices or retail space. With the use of professional grounds crew that use sweeper trucks and other equipment to make sure that your property is looking its best.

In addition to parking lots, these same machines can also be used for road sweeping services as well. In fact, many cities realize that street sweeper trucks help get the city ready for events like anniversary celebrations. They also help get things back to normal after a parade or following a city street dance.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the street sweeping industry and the impact that these services have on the nation’s economy:

  • The street sweeping machine manufacturing industry in the U.S. has generated an estimated $283 million of revenue.
  • Parking space related pollution in the U.S. amounts to $4 billion and $20 billion in health and environmental damage costs every year.
  • The runoff from urbanized areas, like parking lots and streets, is the leading source of water quality impairments to surveyed estuaries, according to the most recent National Water Quality Inventory reports.
  • Street debris can block stormwater facilities, causing flooding during heavy rains. This is one of the many reasons that it is important to invest in parking lot sweeping prices to make sure that these problems do not enter the water supply.
  • Street sweeping is effective for removing both microscopic and large pollutants that collect on city streets.
  • Effective street sweeping programs can remove several tons of debris a year from city streets. These cleaning efforts minimize pollutants in stormwater runoff.

Parking lot sweeping prices may seem like a pretty substantial investment, but the services that they provide are an important part of making the first impression that you want to make on both current and future customers. As the winter weather finally moves on and we welcome spring temperatures and summer heat, it should come as no surprise that street and parking lot sweepers can help keep the outside of your property looking attractive.

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