Why is Clamshell Packaging so Popular?

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Plastic clamshell packaging can be used to hold everything from strawberries to smartphone accessories. The name refers to the design, which consists of two halves of a container joined by a hinge that is integral to the packaging. Clamshell packaging has many advantages: it allows customers to view the product, at the same time that it is tamper- and pilfer- proof.

Design inspired by nature
The design is inspired by nature, and is based on the shell of oceanic bivalves, of which one of the better known varieties are clams. When it comes to secure packaging, it’s difficult to beat nature’s design. While clear plastic clamshell packaging is the most familiar form, it can also be made of paperboard and styrofoam, among other things.
Plastic clamshell packaging is made by shaping plastics such as polystyrene, polyester, PVC, foam sheets, etc. They can have different shapes and different types of locking mechanisms, such as self-locking tabs, snaps or seals.
Plastic clamshells can be challenging to open, leading to many references in popular culture to the frustration experienced by those trying to access Christmas gifts, electric bulbs, ballpoint pens or scissors. However, any secure form of packaging is bound to be difficult to open, and blister packaging, the clamshell’s biggest competitor, is hardly any easier.

A versatile type of packaging
Clamshell packaging is one of a range of packaging, such as vacuum pouches, ready made plastic trays, shrink sleeves, thermoforming trays, other food packaging containers. Plastic clamshell packaging offers many advantages to customers, manufacturers and retailers.

  • Versatility
    Clamshell packaging cones in a variety of boxes, containers and trays which can be used to package just about any products.
  • Tamper-proof
    The packaging cannot be tampered with, so customers can be confident that they are getting a genuine product. It is also theft-resistant and prevents in-store pilfering.
  • Clear display
    Plastic clamshells display the product clearly for prospective customers. Graphics and information can be displayed on inserts and eye-catching logos and imaged can be used on labels. Clamshell packages can be displayed in a number of ways: hanging on a hook or clip strip, free standing or stacked.
  • Extends product life
    Clamshell packaging keeps products fresh and clean. This is especially important when it comes to food products and especially produce. By keeping the contents fresh and secure, it extends their life. It can be sealed as a further theft deterrence measure.
  • Recyclable
    Plastic clamshell packaging is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice, which appeals to many consumers today.

With so many advantages for different constituencies from manufacturers to retailers to consumers, clamshell packaging is versatile and widely used.

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