There’s 1 Simple Way To Save Money on Trade Show Exhibits

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Planning a visit to an important industry trade show or conference isn’t just stressful, it can also get expensive fast, and that’s before you even think about paying for exhibit booth design services.
Not only do you have the opportunity cost of losing employees while they travel, but you have to arrange for flights, accommodations, shipping, per diems, and more. By the time you factor in custom exhibit booth design services, your budget is probably looking thin. So do you find the funds for a new exhibit design, or do you make do with marketing materials from past events, even if they’re starting to show their age? Do you expect people to stop and invest their time and attention at the same booth they walked by last year, and the year before that? Graphic design trends come and go, and it’s amazing how quickly a once stellar design becomes hopelessly dated.
Here’s a better idea: many exhibit booth design services offer exhibit rentals as an option. Not only does this spare you from the cost of designing new visuals and booth displays from the ground up, but it also lets you take advantage of someone else’s legwork.
Today, many trade show attendees expect big, flashy, interactive booths that immediately draw the eye. And while some of your competitors may be able to waste that kind of money on a once-a-year event, that doesn’t mean it’s a wise decision for your company. Instead, look for professional exhibit booth design companies that offer affordable exhibit rental services.
Often, these companies have a number of recent booth materials in their warehouse, just waiting for a new home. With minimal work (and expense), you can have these custom exhibits redesigned to fit your brand and exhibit booth design. In fact, if you’re looking to save money on trade show expenses, renting these materials is the best way to trim your budget.
Of course, you could always tell your team they have to stay in some fleabag motel so you can pay for a new booth, just don’t tell them there was a much simpler way to cut the trade show budget.
Professional exhibit design services will know exactly how to accommodate your needs, ship the booth to your destination, and provide whatever support services you need to make the event a success.

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