HSE Software Helps Companies Monitor Both Safety and Environmental Issues

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Everyone wants to feel safe. Whether people are at home, at work, or at school, safety is important. Risk management solutions teams, however, use integrated web applications enabling risk management to reach the highest possible levels. Even though individuals may not have the confidence to speak up about personal safety concerns, entire departments of most large companies spend a good deal of time addressing these issues.
Interestingly enough, nearly 45% of employees indicate that they do not feel comfortable pointing out potentially unsafe behaviors to their peers or supervisors. As a result, companies have Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) departments that make sure that the proper procedures are followed so that workplaces are safe and effective. EHS risk management management departments work to not only personally examine work locations, but also to also provide healthy and confidential communication systems with owners, managers, and employees. Integrated web applications enabling risk management procedures often include a variety of ways for these personnel members to communicate their concerns, For example, 43% of employees indicate that they want the ability to give feedback to their EHS team.
Is Your Company Making Its Best Efforts Toward Safety Management?
The best integrated web applications enabling risk management packages monitor and regulate not only employee safety measures, but also environmental impact issues. Not surprisingly, 50% of employees indicate that they care about the efforts their company makes. For instance, employees care about a company’s water and energy conservation efforts, access to recycling, and whether an individual company takes its impact on the environment seriously.
The best implementation of both safety and environmental standards are managed by a risk management staff as well as by EHS compliance software. Environmental software, for example, can help companies monitor and track everything from recycling amounts to electric and energy conservation. These efforts not only save money, they also encourage investing opportunities. For instance, 76% of executives say sustainability contributes positively to shareholder value in the long term. It also contributes as much as 50% to short-term value creation.
The attention to streamline functional risk management tasks helps companies create companies whose employees are safe and environments are economical.

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