How Safe Is the Water Your Family Drinks?


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The College World Series and Olympic Swim Trials weekend in Omaha found guests from Louisiana, Texas, California, and Arkansas to the house. And while the Omaha family has always drank tap water and skipped the individual bottled water option, they filled the small garage refrigerator with bottles for their guests. The Omaha residents explained to the guests that in their Nebraska home they drink tap water, but that the guests should feel free to drink the bottled water if they wanted.
On day three of the visitors the garage refrigerator was empty again. Holding an entire case of water, this is the third time the refrigerator was empty in as many days. An early morning conversation with one of the out of town visitors clued the home owner in to Louisiana drinking water concerns. Turns out that the guest too had been drinking tap water for years in her home in Louisiana, content to think that the water was fine. Everyone was drinking it. Three months ago, however, a frightening study came out and instead indicated the unhealthy state of the water she had been taking for granted.
The Louisiana guest’s story had an impact. The Nebraskan scheduled a company to come out and talk to about the available water treatment process options for homes. While the Nebraska residens had long ago invested in one of the best water softeners to avoid hard water stains, it looked like it might be time to invest in one of the drinking water filtration systems now as well.
If You Use the Best Water Softeners for Laundry and Bathing, Why Not Invest In Safe Drinking Water as Well?
The best water softeners protect clothes, dishes, showers, bathtubs, and bodies. They do not necessarily, however, provide all of the benefits that might be needed for the safest drinking water. In home water purification systems and reverse osmosis water softener systems provide home and business owners with the peace of mind that they are providing the safest of all possible drinking water options. As more and more cities across the nation admit to failing water systems like the infamous Flint, Michigan, situation, it becomes more and more important for every home owner to take responsibility for the water that their family drinks.
Concerned parents and business owners do not just stop at finding the best water softeners to avoid hard water implications. These parents and business owners also make sure that they drinking water they provide is safe. consider some of these important facts about the kind of water your family should be drinking:

  • Pregnant women must drink water that is free of lead contamination, to avoid risking birth defects for their child.
  • As many as 2,100 known drinking water contaminants may be present in tap water in any given area of the country.
  • Impure, contaminated drinking water is the leading cause of epidemic disease in many developing countries.
  • the Environmental Protection Agency reports that lead in drinking water contributes to nearly 500,000 cases of learning disorders in children each year in the United States alone.
  • Many Americans, nearly 300 million people to be specific, get their tap water from public water systems. A much smaller percentage, only 15% receive water from private water systems that are not subject to government regulation.

Who Controls the Safety of the Water Your Family Drinks?
If the Flint, Michigan, water crisis taught Americans anything it is that no one should take the safety of the water they drink for granted. Research indicates they only real way to make sure that your family is drinking safe water is to install a point-of-use water filtration system. Both public and private water systems are subject to contamination if they are not closely monitored. The most careful parents do not rely on a government agency or chance to make sure that the water their family drinks is healthy.
While swimming and baseball fans visiting the midwest may to careful about the local water that they drink, by the end of the summer the world’s sporting fans will be looking to the international level of competition. As the athletes, coaches, families, and fans of the Rio Olympics face the real fear of a nation with dangerous water, more and more American citizens will likely question the reliability of their own drinking water.

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