How Reliable and Effective Security Could Save Your Business

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One of the top priorities for any business owner should be to have reliable and effective security in place to protect both employees and inventory at all times. However, there are times when a company is far more prone to a robbery.

Night time is obviously a high risk time. Most burglars think they have an advantage bing covered in the dark and with less personnel present in the building. However, that is what alarm systems are for.

Currently, one out of every seven businesses in operation have an alarm system installed in their facilities, and for good reason. Even just knowing there is an alarm present is sometimes enough to deter robbers. A study which involved interviewing convicted burglars, found that even during impulsive and unplanned robberies, more than 50% of the offenders would abandon the break-in if an alarm was discovered and hadn?t yet been activated.

A reliable and effective security alarm system for businesses can be even more important when companies are in abnormally high danger of being the victim of a crime. Typically this is around the holidays.

Specifically, the last two weeks of the year see significantly more break ins than any other time of the year. Christmas somewhat makes sense considering that people need money for presents or are just looking to steal the present themselves. New Years, on the other hand, could be due to an atmosphere of over-excitement and mob mentalities. Not to mention that most people have consumed their fair share of alcohol.

Unfortunately, exterior robberies are not the only ones companies have to worry about during this time of year; really anytime of year. Employee theft is a surprisingly large problem for businesses all around the world.

However, reliable and effective security surveillance video systems can help reduce inventory shrink from employees and may even boost production. Knowing that they are being recorded will both stop them from trying to steal, as well as encourage them t look more productive to management.

While some times of year are more problematic than others, companies are virtually always vulnerable to theft. Overtime, security systems could even save a company from failing.

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