3 Things You Should Know About Trenchless Sewer Repairs

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Often, when you experience a clog in your toilet or sink, it can be fixed easily with a basic drain cleaning. However, what if drain cleaning doesn’t solve the problem? What if you need a complete sewer repair or replacement? If you find yourself facing that predicament, you may not know that you don’t have to go with a traditional repair service. There are now companies that offer trenchless pipe repairs that don’t involve digging. Here are 5 things to know about the new service that may convince you to give it a go:

1. Trenchless pipe repair can save you 40% compared to traditional pipe repair. Traditional repairs can cost you thousands of dollars (from 4,000 to sometimes upwards of 20,000 depending on the size and complexity of the line). Not only will you save money, you will avoid digging up your lawn and property.

2. Repairing a pipe using a trenchless method gives it a 100 year lifespan. They are specifically built to deflect both tree roots and any chemicals that seep into the ground. With traditional pipe replacement, you unfortunately can expect to have to correct the same problem within 5 to 10 years.

3.One of the most popular and most used methods of trenchless pipe repair is the cured in place pipe (CIPP). With the ability to fix pipes ranging in diameter from six to 110 inches, CIPP is also known as a “pipe within a pipe” where the inner pipe is bonded to the outer pipe and is typically inserted using air pressure. No destroying your lawn or driveway!

If a simple drain cleaning just isn’t cutting it and you’re in the market, you should consider using a trenchless sewer repair company to replace your pipes. A lot of homeowners don’t even realize that this is a viable option for them. In a recent poll, 78% of respondents weren’t aware that no-dig repairs were available even though they have been on the market for almost 15 years. If you’re interested in this option, check Angie’s List or your local service directory for a list of companies that offer trenchless pipe repair.

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