Did You Know The Plastics Industry Is The Third Largest In The US?

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Medical injection molding

It’s easy to take for granted the items we use every single day. Decades of advancements in plastic packaging technology has made basic food, drink and products easier than ever to ship, carry and preserve around the world. With the kind of services that best suit your business, quality and speed are often deemed the most important attributes. When it comes to drinkware products or food packaging containers, the U.S. has been found to lead the pack in both quantity and quality. Read below to learn more about plastic injection molding suppliers and whether or not this could be a good industry path for you to follow!

Plastic Manufacturing Industry Statistics

Creating pharmaceutical containers, closures and plastic injection molding is a booming, multi-million dollar business. The year 2012 saw plastic manufacturers shipping over $300 billion in general goods. Every state has its own injection molding and plastic manufacturing facilities, as well, totaling up to nearly 16,000 overall in industries including medical injection molding and food packaging containment suppliers. These career fields have proven extremely lucrative due to recent advances in technology, such as 3D printing, that makes it easier than ever before to produce quality plastic production. When it comes to a burgeoning career path, plastic manufacturing is more lucrative than its ever been.

Starting A Career

The U.S. plastics industry is the third largest in the country, with 3D printing paving the way for the highest demand ever seen so far. Over 900,000 workers are employed in plastics and shipping and that number is expected to grow significantly in the following years. A recent study by IndustryWeek found that 70% of manufacturers cited better access to skilled talent when moving to the U.S., as many as four times as those who outsourced. Whether it’s buying plastic injection molding suppliers for your small business or seeking out a new career path, the future of plastic suppliers is brighter than ever!

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