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For many companies in many lines of business, temporary office space is a scarce and highly sought after commodity. For example, a date center might have a workgroup recovery center in their data center location. While this temporary office space is not used all of the time, it can be a profitable source of revenue throughout the year.
If, for example, a customer has a problem at their own office, like a gas leak, a data communication line problem, flooding, or even scheduled remodeling, those customers rent this temporary office space from the data center. In another scenario, a data center customer like a frozen steak company that is especially busy during the holiday season could have a contract with that same data center and use that workgroup recovery space as a temporary staffing overflow location.
As logistics managers look at the needs for their individual companies, the flexible use of commercial office space for rent is becoming more and more popular. With many leasing and renting options available, everything from executive suites for rent to cheap office spaces for rent are priced to attract a variety of tenants.
When looking for office space to rent, a survey of U.S. office workers say the five most important things in offices are:

  • Social Space
  • Heating and Cooling (Comfort)
  • Proximity to Food and Drink Options
  • Quality of Furniture
  • Quality of Coffee

While the list of important things for workers may be different from the list of priorities a location and facilities manager may be looking for, it is important to try to meet as many needs as possible whenever you are searching for office space. For example, in a national survey, almost 90% of senior officials said effective workplace design is important for the increase in employees? productivity and should be considered when looking at any office location. Internationally, surveys indicate that office design has a direct relationship with employee productivity. This research shows that office managers should specifically look for five factors: spacial arrangements, furniture, noise, lighting, and temperature.
As flexible office space becomes more and more popular, serviced offices are generating a lot of interest. This type of rented or leased space is also called Executive Suites, Serviced Office Space, Furnished Offices, or Temporary Space. Tenants looking for office space often conduct internet searches and browse through websites to find office options in the specific city they are interested in.
Temporary office space is a competitive market in America. As businesses of all sizes look for leasing or renting options that best fit their needs, a variety of office details become important. If your company is looking for new office space, make sure that you consider the wide variety of options, everything from short term serviced office space to long term whole building leasing opportunities.

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