Refurbished Server Racks – As Good as New and Better for the Environment

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Apc server rack

The IT industry is one that thrives on innovation, but as a result, it can also create tons of waste. Each year, electronic waste or e-waste takes over landfills around the world and even gets shipped off overseas. This is often the result of changes in technology. As computers and other equipment become more advanced, Americans, especially, seek to get rid of their obsolete tech.

And it’s not only the electronics that people use but some of the accessories that go with them. For example, not only do outdated servers get thrown out, but even server racks may be discarded when they are no longer wanted. Fortunately, you can use used server racks instead to help reduce waste and IT costs.

So what do refurbished server racks have to do with the environment? Here are three of the biggest environmental benefits that buying used network racks can have:

  1. Less waste: Server racks can considerably contribute to landfill waste because of how much room they can take up. These racks are typically measured in terms of the number of units they hold; therefore, a 1u server rack holds 1 unit or server. However, these racks can potentially hold up to hundreds of servers depending upon their size. By refurbishing these shelving units, businesses can actually help reduce the amount of waste their companies produce.
  2. Fewer new products: While it may sound bad to contribute to reduced production, it can actually be a good thing. Businesses that sell refurbished server racks can recycle the old ones and make them look like new again. This helps reduce the costs spent on new materials, in addition to producing less waste as products get discarded later on.
  3. Reduced costs: Businesses that save money on the costs of their network cabinets can use those funds for other purposes. For instance, one way they can do so is by using that money for green initiatives. After all, buying used doesn’t have to stop with technology. Businesses can find other ways to save money and make their operations more sustainable.

Have you considered buying refurbished server racks for your IT business before? Let us know how they’ve helped you in the comments below.

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