It’s Easier To Stay Organized Than You Think

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5 x 8 3 ring binder

We live in a material world. Whether you’re working in an office, or a student in school, your life probably hasn’t become so digitized yet that you don’t have at least a few too many papers rattling around. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to make sense of all the clutter we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Yet a majority of Americans claim to judge their co-workers based on how organized their workspace is. The time we spend looking for things amidst all our clutter costs corporate America $177 billion annually. The average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, and all this clutter is piling up towards a dire and undesirable conclusion.

In the face of this avalanche of content and carbon, we’ve pulled together some ideas for ways you can keep your multitude of papers well-organized and under control.

Bulk 3 Ring Binders

These sturdy little guys are staples (no pun intended) of the personal organization game. You’d be surprised how buying a few 1 inch binders in bulk at the start of the school year can save you from going insane later. Trust us, investing in a few bulk 3 ring binders will keep you confident and functioning even on those late-night grinds. Also useful: numbered dividers to save your place once you’ve really started filling up the pages.

Laser Labels

Whether it’s laser inkjet labels, printable sticker labels, or some other kind, laser labels are a great way of ensuring clarity and legibility when you’re trying to keep track of a ton of different things. You can put them on anything and you’ll have a simple and easy way of keeping everything organized.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers (or bubble envelopes) are great for sending things, but you can also keep them around and use them as a cushy, classy way of keeping things separated. You can buy wholesale bubble mailers at your local post office or UPS store.


Whether it’s bulk 3 ring binders, laser labels, bubble mailers or something we didn’t think of, there are many ways of staying organized for those busy weeks at school, work or otherwise. Anything we should have included? Let us know.

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