3 Great Alternative Energy Sources for Your Home


Alternative electricity companies

If you haven’t heard, deregulated energy markets are currently sweeping the nation, affording homeowners and businesses the option to choose how they get their power and where it comes from. The deregulation of electricity markets has eliminated the monopoly of municipal entities, giving you more freedom than ever when it comes to your power suppliers.

The average American home currently used 903 kilowatt hours per month, which results in a bill of $107. You can drastically reduce these monthly costs by switching to alternative energy sources that both save you money as well as reduce your environmental footprint. Here are three of the best alternative energy sources that you should be considering for your home or business:

    Solar power. U.S. electricity use in 2013 was a whopping 13 times greater than it was in 1950, and the introduction of solar energy is one of the major reasons that statistic is falling by the year. Alternative electricity companies that offer solar power now have the means to provide affordable solar panels for both homes and businesses due to the decreased costs of the materials used to create them. Since the market was deregulated, you can now even finance or lease solar panels. There has never been a better time to invest in this revolutionary technology.

    Wind power. One of the oldest and most trusted alternative energy sources on the planet, wind power is making a major comeback since deregulated energy markets began to surface. If you live on at least one acre of land with strong wind resources, you absolutely must consider the benefits of wind power for your home. Conservation groups across the nation continue to support initiatives that lower the cost of wind power systems, and you can save about 90% on your monthly bills once your system is correctly installed.

    Hydropower. Many homes and businesses are already located in an area that supports hydropower, and the recent deregulation of electricity has now made it possible to utilize this natural resource. One of the largest sources of hydropower in the U.S., the Hoover Dam, is a perfect example of just how inexpensive this technology is. The electricity generated from the Hoover Dam sells as a wholesale price of just 1.6 cents per kilowatt hour, which is exponentially cheaper than most other energy sources. As an added bonus, hydropower is naturally-produced and has almost zero effect on the environment.

Get in touch with alternative electricity suppliers in your area to see what types of alternative energy sources are available for your home or business. The way electricity is used in the U.S. will continue to evolve with each passing year, and you can be one of the first to take advantage of these breakthrough technologies.

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