3 Great Ways That Deregulated Electricity is Changing the Lives of Americans

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For the better part of a century, electricity was strictly governed by municipal entities who only cared about hitting their monthly revenue goals. These days, deregulated electricity is beginning to change the way that Americans view their home’s power, and power suppliers are being forced to adjust to the changing times.

Deregulated electricity is available in certain parts of North America, and it allows for competitive energy suppliers to offer their products to homeowners and businesses. You are no longer stuck with whatever plan is offered in your city, and the advantages you’ll be privy to with deregulation are truly endless. Here are just three of the many benefits to deregulated electricity, and how it’s helping to evolve the nation:

    Make your own choice. The deregulation of electricity markets has truly busted the industry wide open, allowing for smaller companies with innovative ideas to spread their wings and gain exposure on a national scale. Municipal entities have had a monopoly on the industry for decades, and Americans do not take kindly to not having a choice on how they spend their money. As the owner of a home or business, you have the intrinsic right to decide who and where you get your electricity from.

    Save money. The new products and techniques being used by these alternative energy companies is resulting in drastically lower bills for homeowners and businesses alike. The Edison Electric Institute says that the cost of generating electrons for renewable energy accounts for less than half the price of normal electricity. Increased monthly electricity bills can be mainly attributed to the widespread usage of smartphones, tablets, and other devices that need to be charged in order to operate. Electricity use in the U.S. was a whopping 13 times higher in 2013 than it was in 1950. You simply cannot afford to keep spending hundreds of dollars a month on a service that will only continue to grow in importance as the years pass.

    Embrace the future. Deregulated electricity has opened the door for more Americans to be exposed to the many benefits of alternative energy sources. The way we produce and use electricity in 2015 will be in stark contrast to the way it is done in 2025, and there are great alternative energies working to perfect their product for a mainstream audience. There is also new technology being used by these companies that is designed to save you money, unlike the practices of municipal entities. Programmable thermostats, which are often offered by alternative energy companies, will save you about 10% per year on heating and cooling costs.

Be sure to take advantage of deregulated electricity now and join the alternative energy revolution. It will only continue to grow, and you can be one of the first to be a part of this burgeoning industry.

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