3 Types of Ash Cremation Jewelry and Why You Should Think About it

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Ash cremation jewelry

The grieving process is unique to every individual. Sure, there are common aspects and similar techniques used by many, but at the end of the day accepting and dealing with the fact that you’ve lost someone dear to you is a very personal experience. The blindside of an unexpected or accidental death can only make matters more difficult. If you’re currently struggling through the process, or just planning for the future, ash cremation jewelry can be a beautiful, unique, and truly special way to preserve the remains and memory of a fallen friend or family member.

Mourning and ash cremation jewelry has been around since at least the 16th century, but is widely associated with the Victorian Era. Today, more and more people are turning to cremations as an alternative to traditional burials for a variety of reasons, which leads to more opportunities to utilize this function. In fact, there has been a 20% increase in national cremations over the past decade alone, according to recent statistics from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Here are three ideas for memorial keepsakes to think about it when that unfortunate day does come.

    1.) Necklace: Cremation necklaces are an excellent option, especially for women. You can easily pick out a locket-style necklace that ashes can be placed in and then worn around your neck, close to your heart, every day. It even gives you the option to tuck it in on days when you want to mourn in solemn privacy, or let it hang out and give people the opportunity to ask you about it in turn giving you a chance to remember a loved one.

    2.) Burial Urn: A decorative burial urn is another choice for ash cremation jewelry. Many people choose to keep all the ashes of the departed and the best way tot do that is with an urn. Picking out an urn that represents the spirit of the soul inside can actually be a weirdly fun process. Whether you display it on a mantle in the living room or keep it in a private, secure location the right urn can be an instant reminder of all the attributes and personality the fallen friend had.

    3.) Bracelet: Cremation bracelets are very similar to necklaces, except obviously you would wear it on your wrist. This leaves it open to more visibility, but also potential damage if you wear it during certain situations. Having a bracelet and necklace for your cremation pendant to switch between is a perfect way to settle a tough decision.

Cremation was a widely practiced by the time of the Roman Empire and remains were usually stored in tome-like buildings. Today it has regained popularity among Americans and if you or a loved one are thinking about the possibility, incorporating some kind of ash cremation jewelry into the process can make it a truly unique experience.

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