3 Tips For Optimizing Your Professional Cleaning Service

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If you’re an established business with a larger venue, chances are you’ve already invested in some sort of cleaning services. However it is important to optimize these services to fit with your business model and don’t interfere with you making money–school cleaning services will probably be customized differently from medical office cleaning services or restaurant cleaning, for example. Below are a few tips on optimizing your office cleaning service:

1. Know Your Peak Operating Hours
If you run a nine to five operation such as a school or a medical office, it probably doesn’t make sense to have the cleaning staff come in in the morning when all your patrons are present. Most cleaning services have night crews and third shift workers to accommodate an off–hours schedule, so this is something to look into whenever you choose a cleaning company.

2. Be Conscious Of “Germ Clusters”
When people think “medical office cleaning services” or “restaurant cleaning,” images of dirty counter tops, door knobs, and taking out the garbage come to mind. But what about the phone receivers? Keyboards? Microfiber rugs? (Horrifyingly, 10% of people never clean their computer keyboard during the entire time they work at a place!) Although cleaning services will probably have some idea of what needs cleaning, it’s always good to provide their management with a list of your expectations, so that if they are not met, you have something to reference when you review performance.

3.Go Green!
There are thousands of cleaning chemicals on the market, and only a fraction have been tested for safe use. When researching cleaning services, make sure whatever outfit you go with uses naturally based, green cleaning solutions that won’t contribute to our growing indoor air pollution problem or put your customers’ and employees’ health in jeopardy.

Please comment below with recommendations for good cleaning services. We are always happy to refer people to solid businesses.

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