How Pharma Serialisation Integrates Safety With Dependability

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Clinical packaging and labelling

The American pharmaceutical industry is adapting and evolving all of the time thanks to new innovations used to process, package, and track shipments. With so many over-the-counter medicines available to the average consumer, pharmaceutical supply chains are starting to introduce new pharmaceutical serialization solutions that allow products to be managed and tracked better. Thanks to the introduction of serialisation pharma, producers can inform consumers more quickly regarding recalls, defects, or packaging errors on their pharmaceuticals, potentially saving customers more than money. Pharmaceutical companies must carefully consider their packaging options according to a number of factors like serving size, child-danger, and marketing.

Bottle Packaging

Perhaps the most recognizable packaging option, bottle packs are built with liners and seals that allow the product to remain safe from outside contaminates with the added benefit of a resealable package. There exists a variety of cap designs to suit the needs of all customers; included are child safe, twist off, and snap off caps. Pharmaceutical producers often choose bottle packaging for serialisation pharma as bar codes can be directly printed on the package for identification purposes.

Liquid Packaging

Some forms of liquid medication have to be precisely measured out in doses. To package this kind of medicine, pharmaceutical companies utilize disposable pouch packaging. Like bottle packaging, there are several pouch options including childsafe, strip seals, and easy-open rip or tear pouches. Pouch packages can be easily customized according to the company’s specific needs or desires, and naturally can be integrated into existing serialisation pharma systems.

Blister Packs

Blister packaging may just be the most popular form of packing over-the-counter medicine there is due to the individual-dose nature of the packaging. While bottle and pouch packaging came with some options for customization, blister packs can be completely customized through color, style, and even container options. Many companies choose blister packs because of the ability to add coupons to inspire further purchases.

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