3 Easy Ways to Choose the Best Server Rack for Your Business

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For businesses big, small and medium-sized, expanding one’s computer systems into a larger network of computer server racks can carry numerous benefits. Computer servers carry significant data storage and network security possibilities, in addition to massive boosts in efficiency and worker productivity.

However, to adopt a system of computer servers, a business will need a sturdy, reliable set of server racks and server rack cabinets with which to store these servers. The server rack cabinets you choose for your business can often make or break your business’ IT success.

Not sure what computer server rack is the right option for your business’ unique IT structure and setup? Make the smartest purchasing choice possible with these three tips for choosing the perfect server rack:

Memory and storage

First, you should consider how much storage space each server rack you’re considering offers. Each server will offer widely different memory and storage amounts, so it’s important to calculate how much your business will need before making a final purchase. Typically, server storage is quantified in gigabytes, or GB.

Cooling capabilities

Did you know that server racks can easily overheat, subsequently reducing your servers’ efficiency and ability to perform? Because of this, your server room must be kept at a temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Many server racks have built-in cooling fans, and these can be a great way to ensure your servers stay at an ideal temperature.


Lastly, you should determine what kind of physical security options each server rack has. Data center theft has become increasingly popular over recent years, as computer servers can often be sold for high sums of money. Because of this, you should get a server rack solution that has locks, alarm systems or both.

Do you agree with these tips? Have any other questions about selecting the right server rack enclosures? Let us know in the comments below!

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