3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Business Signs

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Benefits of tradeshow displays

When marketing and advertising a company there are many benefits of banners and signage. Good business signs will attract new customers, and remind old ones why they should continue doing business with you. Sign companies may try to sell you on a plethora of crazy and over-the-top ideas to drum up business, but there are three key aspects to high quality business signs.

    1.) Name of Business: This one should be painfully obvious to even the least business savvy. The name of the business should be the first thing you want displayed prominently outside your location. According to one study 35% of people would have no idea where to find the doors to your business without any business signs. Owning the name and space of your business is one of the key components of a successful business, and proper signage is the first step in doing so.

    2.) Catches the Eye: Half of all new customers report being initially attracted to a business because of on-site signs. Having the name of your business is a good start, but not quite enough. You should strive to have business signs with unique features, or attractive designs that will grab peoples attention. When used correctly the benefits of illuminated signs can be great. For example, one study showed 63% of adults find digital business signs catch their attention more than traditional ones.

    3.) Good Location: You’ve answered the question; what is the best sign for my business? It’s got the name, color, lighting, and whatever else suits your needs. The only thing left to do is select the perfect location to put it. This will vary greatly depending on the location of your business, what’s around it, whether it’s a multi-use building, or standalone etc. Finding a spot where it will be most visible can make or break the whole process. About 37% of people say that they look at an outdoor sign each or most of the time they pass it. What good is a great sign that people have to struggle to find?

Do yourself a favor and evaluate the business signs you have under these simple guidelines. If they’re set, then you can move on to more complex modes of advertising.

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