How to Properly Train Your Personnel for Work in the Warehouse Battery Room

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Battery watering

Forklift batteries are an integral component to any warehouse’s overall productivity and efficiency. When a warehouse’s forklift battery changing and maintenance procedures are running at their optimal efficiency, it’s likely the rest of your warehouse is just as efficient, making each minute a productive one.

Conversely, a forklift battery room staffed with personnel who haven’t been properly trained will cut into warehouse efficiency in a big way. The average forklift battery alone costs thousands of dollars, about 30% of the overall cost of operating a forklift. Because of this, you simply can’t afford to not train your personnel thoroughly on all matters related to forklift battery changing, handling and maintenance.

To make sure your warehouse’s forklift battery changing room runs like a well-oiled machine, be sure to follow these three crucial tips for training personnel on forklift battery maintenance:

Battery room safety training

Above all else, you personnel should be trained on the proper battery room safety procedures, from daily inspections to proper equipment operation. All personnel should know the correct protocol for wearing personal protective equipment, including goggles, face protection, aprons, rubber gloves and steel-toed boots. Additionally, train all personnel on the meanings of your battery room’s safety signage.

Forklift battery handling equipment training

To make sure your forklift batteries are being charged safely and correctly, it’s important to train personnel on operating all forklift battery changing and handling equipment, from the battery extractor to the charging station. It’s recommended that you assign one person to act as the battery handling equipment operator; this person will supervise battery rotation and other processes.

Forklift battery efficiency training

As stated before, it’s highly vital to your warehouse’s success that each forklift battery be as efficient as possible. This starts with your personnel’s handling of each battery — they should be regularly washing, watering and charging your batteries correctly to extend their lifespans as far as they should be lasting.

Want to know more about training your personnel on the best battery room safety procedures? Ask us anything about battery room management in the comments below.

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