The 4 Best Ways to Choose a Water Softener


Water softener maintenance

The human body is composed about 60% water, and there are tons of health benefits of drinking enough water. Some of the most important ones are clearer skin and better flow in your gastrointestinal system. Because we require so much water in our bodies to keep us healthy, it’s important to have adequate water filtration systems in our homes and workplaces. The best water systems will neutralize hard water, which means our bodies will have clear and fresh water to drink and we can enjoy the health benefits. For anyone who needs a home water treatment system, it’s important to do some research before you buy anything.

Water filtration systems vary in quality, so you should talk to a professional who is familiar with the product before you make any big decisions about what to buy. If you are looking for the highest quality program, you can expect to pay a lot more than if you buy a lower quality system. It really depends on the water at your home and the specific aspects of it, because some water needs more powerful water management systems. You should also find out information about exactly what your water needs, because some water has too much calcium and other water has too much magnesium. Find out about your water before you purchase anything, and if you are wondering about some tips for how to find the best water filtration systems, keep reading to learn some great info.

    1. Buy an iron and hardness test kit
    This is super important because sometimes you will have lots of extra iron in your water, but other times you won’t have any at all. This completely determines what kind of water softener you buy because different systems have varying abilities to remove iron or other elements. You should definitely check out the test kit results and even bring them into a professional at your hardware store before you make any big decisions.

    2. Make sure you get the right size
    This basically just depends on what kind of water heater you have and the number of people that need to shower each day and use the hot water for other things. If you have a large size water heater then you should definitely look into getting a bigger water softener because you want to make sure all the water you use in your home is very soft and filtered so no one is exposed to hard water.

    3. Choose manually or time regenerated
    This depends on how much work you think you want to put in and it’s also something you should probably discuss with someone else in your life who maybe helps with home maintenance. If you don’t mind manually resetting the water softener every so often, then you should try to save money by getting a model that doesn’t have the extra timer feature, because this can sometimes cost more.

    4. Find a water softener system that removes potassium, calcium and magnesium.
    There are tons of different kinds of minerals and salts that can really contaminate your water, so this is where the water testing kit comes in again. You want to have an accurate representation of all the kinds of minerals that are infecting your water, because you will need to get a high tech quality filtration system that can adequately filter all the water, especially what you use for drinking. More like this.

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