The Top Three Reasons Construction Means Danger

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Rooftop fall protection

People worry a lot about job safety, especially on construction sites, but it is a lot more complex than many give it credit for. Here are three reasons it can be hard to ensure safety on construction sites:

1. Safety Issues are Complex

It can be very difficult to foresee every possible incident on a construction site. Fall protection programs can try to address a lot of problems, but that fall protection training can only consider so many factors. Still, the best training addresses best practices on site rather than attempting to address every individual incident. Things like rigging safety training leave workers better equipped to deal with issues in the moment and to avoid basic mistakes.

2. Training is Very Comprehensive

Because employers want to leave their workers as equipped as possible for safety, such as with rigging safety training, there are scores and scores of training modules and equipment that are meant to be familiar with. While this makes for very comprehensive training programs, it can be a bit much to remember all at once and may lead to mistakes in newer employees. There is a balance that has to be struck between comprehensiveness and practicality.

3. There is a Lot of Equipment

In the interest of safety and work efficiency, construction companies often have the most high tech and up to date equipment for each job. While this is a great boon for every worker, it is also a risk, because it means that workers must often work with machines they are not fully familiar or comfortable with. Again, for every step taken toward safety, a compromise is made. What do you think about construction site safety?

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