How Online Marketing Companies are Making SEO Affordable for Your Small Business

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If you run a business online, or use a website to gain traffic at your brick and mortar location, you’ve probably come across the term SEO marketing before. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a tactic used to get more people to come to your website. It’s a proven technique to increase sales and website hits for businesses, and now more than ever online marketing firms are making SEO affordable for small businesses.

But just what kinds of services are included in SEO? And how can affordable SEO help your business? Here are some of the services that SEO marketing agencies may offer — and the importance of making SEO affordable and useful for businesses of all sizes:

Keyword Optimization
Keywords and key phrases are the most valuable components of an SEO campaign. These keywords are placed into your website’s metadata (such as title tags and headers) and into the content as well.

Why is it important?This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that marketers are making SEO affordable and available for businesses. Because keywords can be highly competitive depending on your business’s industry, you’ll need the best and most affordable analysis available to get your site to the number one spot on a search engine. SEO companies want you to do business with them, so they should be able to offer decent rates for their services.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is a fairly broad term because content can be delivered in many different formats. Among popular forms of content are blog posts, infographics, videos, and social media profiles. By placing your keyword optimized content on your website and around the web (to direct users to your page), you have a higher chance of getting noticed on the internet.

Why is it important?Search engines like Google often allow or ban results from searches based upon how useful they are to readers. If you’re adding valuable content to the web that is made for people, not search engines, then you have a better chance of moving to the top of a Google search.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Social media is a big deal these days because all it takes is one platform to connect users around the world. Marketing to users on Facebook or Twitter allows you to advertise without being too “ad-sy,” and you don’t have to spend thousands on a billboard or TV commercial.

Why is it important? Social media and marketing go hand-in-hand because you have your target demographics at your disposal. These platforms give businesses the ability to connect with customers and clients and engage with them in a positive way.

Website Design
Did you know that most web users today also perform searches on the go? Because smartphones and tablets are gaining popularity, your website needs to show up properly on these devices. Getting a redesign for your page so it’s mobile-ready is a great way to draw in customers — especially those who are out and about and might just need your services.

Why is it important?Having a great website design is a necessity today. Users who can’t find the information they need right away are more likely to close out of that site and seek out a competitors’ instead.

Have more questions on SEO and other web marketing services? Get in touch with an agency, and leave a comment below with your thoughts. Ger more information on this topic here.

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