Cooling Towers Can Be Used in a Variety of Different Contexts

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If you help to manage energy systems run by municipalities or private companies, you probably know about cooling tower systems, cooling tower pumps, and how important they can be in ensuring that liquids are at the correct temperature.

Cooling towers can be used in a variety of other contexts–from regulating the temperature of industrial machinery or other materials to lowering the temperature of water utilized by chemical plants, oil refineries, thermal power stations, and in HVAC systems used specifically for residential or commercial buildings.

The first cooling towers were built to stand on their own or on top of buildings. Some of them used the flow of air from the environment, and others used air movement generated by fans. Today, there are the “wet” cooling towers–also characterized as “open circuit”–which use water evaporation as part of the means for cooling. There are also “dry” or “closed circuit” cooling towers that solely utilize air maintain the liquid temperature close to that of the dry-bulb.

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