Top 4 Advantages of Using a Cooling Tower


Closed loop cooling system

Cooling towers are often big, unknown pieces of machinery at plants and factories, but with an increased focus on green energy, sustainability, and efficiency, they are getting more recognition. Just replacing the fans in a cooling tower can reduce energy requirements by 2-8%. The potential these systems have to fix water and energy efficiency is tremendous. They may be the answer we need to keep some factories in business and on top of new ordinances in their communities or federal pollution laws. Read on for the top three advantages of investing in a cooling tower.

As mentioned previously, energy and water efficiency is a huge advantage of these system. It can reduce your company’s carbon footprint, in addition to increasing productivity. It may also be able to help you integrate your systems easier.

A cooling tower can essentially pay itself off within a few years. You’ll save money due to the increased efficiency of the tower and the energy reduction that comes with that efficiency. You’ll also be using a lot less water to run your system, cutting down on costs there. The money you save can either go to keeping up on the maintenance of the tower, or it can transfer to other necessary areas of your business.

Many cooling towers are now corrosion resistant thanks
to new technology. Without this feature, scale, biological growth and particulate deposits can hinder the cooling efficiency by 5% or more. To improve water efficiency as the tower is cooling water, the sides of the tower should be kept as clean as possible.

Lastly, cooling towers now come in more compact styles, as well as different colors. Traditionally, a cooling tower was a hulking machine that stood out on the roofs of buildings. However, with new improvements, the towers can be made to blend in with the building, and are smaller.

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