Five Helpful Tips for SEO Beginners


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Online shopping plays a major role for today’s consumers. In fact, according to statistics compiled by Invesp, 80% of the online population has used the internet to make a purchase, and half of web users have done so on multiple occasions. Because of that, businesses looking to attract new customers and expand will have to find ways to build a highly visible web presence that caters to online shoppers.

While there are several strategies that owners and managers can use to accomplish that, a robust SEO program should be at the heart of every online marketing program. Results from last year’s Pew Internet and American Life Survey emphasize the importance of SEO in today’s marketplace. Just over 90% of search engine users said that they find useful information either always or most of the time and nearly three quarters believe that it is accurate and trustworthy. As a result, sites like Google are vital tools for consumers and, consequently, businesses need to work to improve rankings to boost visibility and build a larger customer base.

Though SEO marketing can be quite difficult, and some owners and managers with little marketing experience might not have a great understanding, there are several useful SEO techniques that can help get a program off the ground.

Build an Awesome Website

Every business is unique, and will have different preferences when it comes to the aesthetic of their website. While some might choose a clean, simple design, others might want one complete with bold colors, graphics, and engaging multimedia. Specifics can vary, but a great website is always important. In the same way that SEO should be at the center of an internet marketing campaign, a SEO website should be the anchor for comprehensive campaign.

Do Your Research

Taking a shot in the dark and targeting random keywords can be a major mistake, even for business owners who are completely in touch with their targeted demographic. Research is hardly ever fun, and can be a cumbersome project, but it is imperative. Thankfully, there is software and tools, like Google Adwords, that can be used to expedite the process a bit.

Avoid Duplicate Content

In the past, simply copy-pasting blogs from other sources might have worked to get higher rankings, but updates to algorithms have made doing so a big-time No No. The Google search engine guidelines actually punish site owners for posting duplicate content, so it could actually have an adverse effect. As a result, in today’s search engine oriented world, being unique is always important.

Use Images

People are visual learners, and comprehension and information retention rates are stronger for images than for bulky text paragraphs. Plus, images and inforgraphics are far more likely to go viral than even the most well-written blog post. This means that placing an emphasis on images can help bolster every SEO program.

Emphasize Creativity

There is all kinds of work that goes into SEO, but the fact remains that content is king. Without providing something of value to web users, websites will fail to attract them consistently, regardless of how much keyword research and web development they incorporate. So producing creative content regularly will always prove to be a worthwhile endeavor.

In all reality, there are dozens of tips and techniques that businesses should use to enhance their SEO programs. But using these five affordable SEO strategies is a good place to start for improving SEO rankings and building a dynamic web presence. More research here.

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