A Brief Introduction to Three Key Elements of SEO

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Is your company new to the wide world of SEO? If you have read a few SEO articles previously, then at this point you know that search engine optimization is very important, although you might not be sure exactly why. Obviously, the goal is to get the top of a search engine result. A study conducted by Slingshot SEO found that 18.1% of clicks on a search engine go solely to whichever website holds the first place. Additionally, 70% of links that internet users click are organic, and so using paid advertisements is no guarantee of getting seen by internet users, according to The Search Engine Journal.

All of these SEO articles might throw around statistics, and the names of SEO companies, but if they do not provide SEO tips and SEO tools, then you are probably still in the dark. Although the realm of online marketing is vast, there are a few key things that you should know.


The information and content that your company puts out onto the web will be viewed by users, and search engines, and will be used to judge how relevant you are. About 81% of businesses believe that blogs are an important business marketing tool, especially considering that your blog is your platform for generating a great deal of relevant online content. Content needs to be appealing to search engines, but it also needs to be interesting, and of a high quality, so that internet users will also find it useful and visit your website or pursue your products and services.


Internet experiences are defined by the search engine, especially when you consider that 93% of all online experiences start there. Each month, approximately 100 billion inquiries are made worldwide over search engines. For these reasons, the search engine holds a special power in determining the optimization of your website. A lot of search engine optimization can be done in the coding of your site so that search engines have an easier time of scanning it, indexing it, and determining its relevance to internet users.


The purpose of your website is to share your information, products, and services with internet users. Sometimes considered SEM, or search engine marketing, using social media to grow a community and share your content is another important aspect of any campaign.

If you decide that you need professional SEO services, because you lack the time, resources, and expertise to carry out an SEO campaign for yourself, then there are a variety of SEO articles that can point you towards finding the best company or services for your particular needs. Addressing all of these three elements in a way that improves your search engine ranking is not easy, but that is why there are professional consultants and agencies that you can hire. Whether you take a DIY approach, or decide to seek out a company, remember that content, coding, and community are central to any campaign. More: Seo company portland

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