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Siemens bus duct

Natural instinct is to go for new over used. Fresh, off the rack equipment is expected to work better and cleaner, but used electrical equipment can often get the same job done for significantly cheaper. Any construction project is going to be a balancing act between cost and efficiency. Employing used electrical equipment can keep your project under budget, and used electrical equipment can be just as effective as something shiny and new.

Transformers are, generally speaking, any device that transfers energy between circuits by means of magnetic coupling. With the vast array of sizes and types of transformers available, utilizing used transformers can be a good way to keep a project cost efficient. Ranging in size from the minute designs employed in electronic devices such as microphones to the hundred ton transformer units used to connect a power grid, used transformers offer the same variety as their newer counterparts if you know where to look.

A Siemens busway is already a cost effective power distribution device, available with ratings ranging from 225 to 5000 amps. Used electrical equipment such as a previously used Siemens bus duct can be the solution for a hospital, industrial plant or other high tech area that wants to keep its costs and expenses reasonable without sacrificing efficiency.

Other good options for used electrical equipment include a Siemens panel board. Siemens offers unassembled panel boards, but in the market of used electrical equipment most are assembled. Panel boards, also called distribution boards, divides the power of an electricity supply system into its separate, distinct subsidiary circuits. A common component of any electricity supply system, panel boards or distribution boards are good candidates for picking up used.

Finally, when looking for used electrical equipment, don’t forget Ppe equipment as well. Used electrical equipment purchased through legitimate sources is just as safe as new equipment, but proper personal protection equipment is vital for any large scale electrical engineering job.

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