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Three Reasons Why Churches Should Invest In Signage

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Nobody wants to compare a church to a business — a church is a place where people come to worship and share fellowship with other believers. But with that being said, these activities can’t happen unless people are aware of the church’s existence in the first place. It’s also important that churches get the word out about events — whether those events are simply meant to be fun, or whether they’re meant to raise important funds that will keep the church going. Churches are unique in that often, they have members of the congregation who, for whatever reason, might not check their email regularly enough to get news about upcoming events online. For that matter, churches have the specific goal of attracting as many new congregants as possible. In this respect, a church needs to advertise itself m

Shine on Brightly with a New LED Business Sign

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Why Are Business Signs so Important?

We’ve all noticed that nearly every type of business makes the most of advertising their specialties through signs. Signs for churches, schools and businesses make the difference between keeping your customer base where it is and constantly expanding by bringing new people in each week. Polls have shown that 35% of people who have gone to a new business never would have discovered the company had it not been for seeing their signs. Also, 85% of a company’s customers actually live, work or frequent an area within a five mile radius of the location of the business, making it easy to draw in new people every day. More importantly, when a business changes their signs regularly or add new signs it directly improves their sales revenue. A larger sign can increas