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Ocean Liner vs Cruise Ship

Written by admin on . Posted in Marine parts, Marine spare part, Offshore drilling vessels

Global marine equipment

At first glance, one may appear to think that ocean liners and cruise ships were one and the same. Both marine services have the same basic look to them, carry the same basic things and follow a certain route back and forth. Actually, most of the similarities stop there. When looking into it, these two kinds of ships couldn’t be more different, down to vessel parts and how well they’re made.

To start, ocean liners, which came well before standard cruise ships, are built a little more sturdy that cruise ships. Not typically used for leisure, but instead for the transportation of goods and people, ocean liners need to have stronger plating and Continue Reading No Comments

Three Tips On Searching For A Commercial Rental Space

Written by admin on . Posted in Commercial office space, Retail business space for lease, Warehouse for rent

Business space for lease

Perhaps decades ago, it was more common for business owners to buy their office spaces outright versus renting them. But that’s not really commonplace anymore. Part of this, of course, is due to the changes in the real estate market. But in many ways, business owners now see that whether they’re looking for an office space, a retail business space, or a warehouse space, renting is much simpler than buying. Yes, it’s true that there are restrictions associated with renting in terms of what you can and can’t do to a building. But buying is quite a risk, especially for small business owners. Say, for example, that the worst case scenario