7 Reasons to Consider Using Galvanized Steel Strapping

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Galvanized steel

If you need to use strapping, you do have a number of options. More and more builders and manufacturers are turning to galvanized steel for a number of products and uses Galvanized steel strappings are often the “go to” strappings for government products where the only the best will do. Here are some of the reasons galvanized steel is the only way to go for strapping and branding.

  1. It is safe. When the safety and security of a building is crucial, the best material to use has to be galvanized steel. It is great for strapping as well as being great for a whole host of other key building and construction needs.
  2. Galvanized steel is one of the strongest and most durable materials used in construction and building. When steel is used to make hinges for refrigerators, the resulting hinges have the ability to support weights of more than 140 pounds without sagging or bending. Galvanized steel manufacturers are constantly working to make the material stronger and ore able to withstand pressure. It has been estimated that over the past decade, galvanized steel has been made to be more than 30% stronger. This makes galvanized steel strapping a great choice when a job calls for strapping and is one of the reasons it is such a popular choice.
  3. Galvanized steel is great at resisting corrosion and rust. The process by which galvanized steel is made makes it incredibly resistant to any kind of corrosion or rust. For most metals, rust is the ultimate enemy. If you do use galvanized steel strapping, you need to make sure it is totally galvanized, That means even the edges have been treated.
  4. Galvanized steel can interact better with a variety of environmental changes. Unlike other materials, galvanized steel can deal with changes in the ambient temperature. For all practical purposes, this means that it is able to grow and shrink with the rising and falling temperature. This is something that got noticed by the construction and building industry as far back as 1889. After the construction of Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower, engineers were surprised to learn that the height goes from 884 feet in the height of the summer to 983 feet and six inches in the winter months. That shift is due to the changes in the steel that makes the frame of the structure and is one reason the material is so flexible and durable.
  5. Using galvanized steel is good for the environment. Many people do not realize it but out of all of the materials used the planet, steel is one of the most recycled. At least 69% of the steel that is used in the United States is recycled every year. That saves a lot of other materials, When one ton of steel is recycled, more than 2,500 pounds of iron ore is saved. Another 1,400 pounds of coal is saved and 120 pounds of limestone is saved for use on another day. This makes using galvanized steel strappings a great choice to reduce your carbon footprint.
  6. Galvanized steel strappings are very affordable. When you are looking at the various materials that are used in building and construction, galvanized steel is one of the most cost effective to use. The reasons are plentiful. The cost savings do not just come from the costs involved in buying the materials but come from not needing as much maintenance as other materials require. Galvanized steel strappings need almost no maintenance. They can also outlast a lot of other materials making that another way the galvanized steel strappings can save your project money.
  7. You will get a very high quality when you go with galvanized steel strappings. There are a very specific set of standards that have to be met by all galvanized steel products and that includes galvanized steel strappings. The galvanized steel suppliers are able to watch over and manage every step of the process of making the strappings. This also means the quality control is maintained at the highest levels. When you use these galvanized steel products, you can be confident that you are using high quality parts and materials.

If you are involved in any kind of construction job that needs strappings, you should really consider galvanized steel.




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