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Are You Preparing to Bid on Your First Government Contract?

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Quote to cash

It takes a lot of energy to reinvent the wheel!
Reinventing of rewriting a government contract proposal can be exhausting. Once you have the process figured out, in fact, it would be nice if you could reuse the work you have already completed and simply resubmit. All government contracts, however, often require something a little different. A change her. An alteration there. The whole process can be both frustrating and Emily time consuming. And, just when you think that you have all of the details covered on your end, the potential customer makes a change. They need some other detail included. they need the proposal to reflect a different start date or a different timeline for the implementation of the proj

Repurposing Old Steel Shipping Containers How Architects are Making a Lasting Impact

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Storage container modifications

International trade has opened a number of opportunities for businesses to negotiate production, packaging, and shipping options for their business. With the prominence of the internet in our modern age the possibilities are even more varied: a business can have their product produced in China, packaged in Japan, and finally shipped over to the U.S. thanks to container ships. Freight ships are able to haul hundreds or even thousands of loaded steel cargo containers at a time, making cargo ships a first choice when it comes to transporting large quantities of inventory.

International Shipping

At any given time there are over 17 million shipping containers in transportation around the world with the number of active shipping containers totaling at over five mil