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From Sympathy Cards To Appointment Reminders Products For Vets

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Appointment reminder postcards

Veterinary services are remarkably important. It’s believed that about 63% of American households own a pet, including 88.3 million pet cats and 74.8 million pet dogs. Pets go beyond being simple companions — they quickly become a part of the family, working their ways into the hearts of their owners. As important as veterinarians are, however, it can be all too easy for pet owners to forget to take their pets to their checkups, even when they’ve already been scheduled. Perhaps this is because the vet’s office isn’t quite as prominent in our minds and everyday way of thinking as a “human” doctor’s office is. The thing about it is that as much as people love their pets, life can get in the way. If it’s fairly easy for people to forget about their own doctor’s appointments, it’s even easie

How Old Is Your Website Design?

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Website design

The new website design is working. It is only one week into summer vacation and the writing tutors already have three customers.
The first customer is an eighth grade boy who is on the autism spectrum. His parents want the tutors to work with him on both reading comprehension and writing. After initially meeting with the young man and both of parents, the tutors decided that they would meet for an hour twice a week. The second customer is a 18-year old girl who just graduated from high school. She has decided to attend a small liberal arts college two hours from home. She would like to meet three times a week to work on a review of the fundamentals of persuasive and expository writing. The third tutoring student is going to be a high school senior next year. After taking the ACT once, his parents have deci