How Do I Start A Medical Marijuana Business?


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The United States has seen a significant shift in medical and recreational cannabis laws. As such, medical marijuana facility design has cropped up as a viable option for small and large businesses looking to expand their product line and customer base. Cannabis consulting involves teaching investors how to go about licensing a marijuana business while adhering to local laws and regulations involving distribution, usage and ownership. With the medical benefits of cannabis continuing to be revealed through ongoing studies, investing in the cannabis industry only continues to grow in popularity as demand increases and laws continue to change. Medical marijuana facility design requires knowledge of the plant in question, local laws, health effects and business know-how.

History Of Marijuana

Cannabis, also known as weed or marijuana, was illegal in the United States for many decades. Recent law changes have seen it becoming legal both for recreational usage and distribution, affecting the country’s economic output significantly. Its most distinctive side effect is feeling ‘high’, used by people for heightening mood and feeling relaxed. This plant can be smoked or eaten, with popular culture establishing ‘pot brownies’ in many social settings and educational institutions. Although this plant has been used for hundreds of years, it has only recently become accepted as a form of medical assistance recently in the West. The year 2015 saw the market increasing by 30%, with projections expecting a continuous increase for at least a decade or more.

Market Growth

According to the research company for The ArcView Group, the United States saw its cannabis market growing by 74% in 2014 alone. The full legalization across all 50 states totaled $36 billion, a stunning 1,262% increase across wholesale and retail. As of now, 17 million people live in states that have legalized recreational marijuana and that number is expected to increase to 86 million by the year 2017. That’s over 25% of the total American population, with the health benefits and increased applicability the most common reasons for this significant change. This includes pain management in many medical industries.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of medical marijuana have contributed to the rise in medical marijuana facility design projects and applications. Surveys have shown over 75% of doctors approving of medical marijuana use for chronic illness and pain management, although only 6% of studies have thoroughly analyzed its medicinal properties. Compared to the addictive properties of alcohol and the toxicity of over-the-counter cigarettes, marijuana is relatively non-toxic and non-habit forming. Addiction is still possible, however, and this continues to be studied in ongoing research campaigns around the country. Researches conducting a study of over 5,000 young adults over 20 years, for example, saw pot users increasing their lung capacity in comparison to chronic smokers’ reduced lung function.

Medical Marijuana Facility Design

The next five years will see legal cannabis exceeding the film industry, organic foods and even the NFL in revenues. It’s never been a better time to explore your financial options and start on your journey to establishing a professional medical marijuana facility design, as demand only continues to increase in light of cannabis’ health benefits. 5% of Californian adults said they used medical marijuana for a serious medical condition, including but not limited to cancer, arthritis and chronic pain. Overall, 92% of medical patients say marijuana is a viable option for treatment. Contact your local marijuana consultants and ask how you can go about applying for a business license and get your medical facility off the ground.

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