How Old Is Your Website Design?


Updated 4/4/2022

Are you a lawyer or own a law firm? Do you want to convert leads into clients? That is the joy of every business owner. You, therefore, need to have some understanding of how to do marketing for lawyers. That is where website design comes in. It is also the goal of every business owner to hire a web developer of equal measure to a web designer who makes websites for big companies to develop for them.

A website is essential first to tell the rest of the world that you exist. Also, when considering website design yourself, you roll out an extensive marketing plan and strategies for your organization or firm. Generate leads and convert leads to clients.

Different web dev inspirations depend on the website’s functionality, design approach, and style. It is recommended that when doing web design yourself, you have various inspirations for us when a task comes up.

Borrow web design layout examples from other developers to compare, contrast, and understand what is best for you or your client.

The new website design is working. It is only one week into summer vacation and the writing tutors already have three customers.
The first customer is an eighth grade boy who is on the autism spectrum. His parents want the tutors to work with him on both reading comprehension and writing. After initially meeting with the young man and both of parents, the tutors decided that they would meet for an hour twice a week. The second customer is a 18-year old girl who just graduated from high school. She has decided to attend a small liberal arts college two hours from home. She would like to meet three times a week to work on a review of the fundamentals of persuasive and expository writing. The third tutoring student is going to be a high school senior next year. After taking the ACT once, his parents have decided that he needs some extra work on test preparation and reading comprehension before the next testing date, June 11.
One short term job and two summer longer jobs. All three contacts came as a result of the updated website design. The private writing tutors had initially managed their own web design, but after six months with few customers, they decided to invest in digital marketing to see if they could jumpstart their business before the beginning of summer.

Website design

Online Marketing and Social Media Posts Drive Customers to Your Site
Even for the smallest of businesses, digital marketing and website design are critical. In fact, 46% of online users indicate that a website?s design is their number one criterion for determining a company?s credibility. An updated website design that makes use of the most current trends can help companies connect to potential customers. Outdated website designs, however, a site that is even two years old may not function well if it has not kept up with industry changes. Websites require updates and maintenance devices and browsers change how websites are accessed and displayed. If updates are not made, browsers begin to slow down and pages take longer to load.
Nearly 40% of internet users indicate that they will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. A company?s website needs to load immediately and indicate what the company is about and what services it offers.
Does the New York Times Think That the Internet Is Getting Smaller?
In May of 2016, the New York Times announced that it would change its style sheet rules to use the lower case version of the word ?internet.? In a time when nearly 80% of consumers do ?a lot? of online research for the major purchase decisions they make, the internet has become so common so that it is no longer considered a proper noun by one of the largest newspapers in the country. Another 46% of consumers say they rely on social media when making these purchase choices.
Branding Helps Companies Reestablish Themselves in Today?s Marketing World
Even churches realize that they need to get the attention of internet users. While the sermons might be inspiring and the service projects may be life changing, if the congregation is not receiving updates on the latest changes to the schedule, the sermons and the projects go unnoticed. This is why the majority of businesses, including churches and non-profits, are turning to digital marketing solution companies to help them rebrand themselves and reconnect with their clients, and parishoners.
For example, 78% of companies indicated that they have dedicated social media teams in 2015. This percentage was an increase from 67% in 2012. These teams often focus on content creation and the management of that content. In fact, these tasks now claim the second-largest share of digital marketing budgets.
Website design is powerful in today?s digital world. As powerful as television commercials, a unique and creative web design creates a memorable impression of new and returning customers.
If your company is struggling to get the customers that it needs, a new website design may make an enormous difference. Staying current with website trends and finding the resources to adapt a company’s platform to the changing size of today’s tablets and phones is essential to today’s marketing needs. Isn’t it time you created a new design?

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