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Appointment reminder postcards

Veterinary services are remarkably important. It’s believed that about 63% of American households own a pet, including 88.3 million pet cats and 74.8 million pet dogs. Pets go beyond being simple companions — they quickly become a part of the family, working their ways into the hearts of their owners. As important as veterinarians are, however, it can be all too easy for pet owners to forget to take their pets to their checkups, even when they’ve already been scheduled. Perhaps this is because the vet’s office isn’t quite as prominent in our minds and everyday way of thinking as a “human” doctor’s office is. The thing about it is that as much as people love their pets, life can get in the way. If it’s fairly easy for people to forget about their own doctor’s appointments, it’s even easier for them to forget to take their pets to follow-up appointments. The one thing that can simplify going to the vet and remembering that important appointment is fairly traditional, and certainly nothing radical! It’s the same way that your doctor might remind you of an appointment — through reminder cards. But cards can go far beyond simply reminding people of appointments. There are plenty of paper products that go into running a veterinarian’s office. They’re not just about the everyday routine, but establishing a rapport with clients and making your practice memorable.

Veterinary Reminder Cards: The Valuable Role They Play

There’s no shame in forgetting your pet’s vet appointment. It can happen to anyone. In fact, it’s pretty typical for all of us to forget simple, everyday tasks. It’s estimated that about 39% of Americans forget an important piece of information every week. Furthermore, 14% of young people and 8% of older people often forget their keys. If you can forget something like that so easily, it’s even easier to forget something that isn’t integrated to your everyday routine, like an appointment at the vet’s. Of course, there are other matters at hand. We all have busy lives, and sometimes you schedule an appointment, find yourself needing to do something else at that time, and forget the appointment entirely rather than rescheduling. Reminder cards aren’t just good for the veterinarian in that they ensure that business runs smoothly. They’re also beneficial to the pet owner. Reminder cards gently force them to remember important appointments. Even if the appointment you’re being reminded of is a simple checkup, it can potentially save your pet’s life. A checkup can catch a number of issues that could seriously harm your pet. You’ll be glad that veterinary appointment cards exist when the vet catches what’s wrong with your pet. Something as simple as appointment postcards could save lives — and they certainly ensure that you’re in the “safe zone” as a pet owner.

Sympathy Cards: When You Don’t Need Words

Veterinarians, unfortunately, are very familiar with death. As hard as it is to admit, not every pet can be saved. All too often, vets themselves have to make the call and advise owners to put their pets to sleep. This is a sensitive time for any pet owner, and it’s always a good idea for an office to stay stocked with pet sympathy cards for veterinarians. Veterinary sympathy cards add a special, personal touch. It’s a good idea to include a handwritten sympathy note on this card — if possible, including a detail that you remember about the pet. This makes the owner feel like their pet was a valued individual, rather than simply one animal among many. It’s extremely important for pet owners to know that everyone at the vet’s office truly cared about their pet. This isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also good for business. As many pet owners have more than one pet during their lifetimes, remember that they will be more likely to go back to the same vet with their new pet if they feel valued.

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