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Archive for January 29, 2016

Old Water Cooling Towers Can be Big Water Wasters LA Mayor Wants Improvements

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Air stripping solutions

Water cooling towers are used in industries like power generation and oil refineries to enage in process cooling to remove heat via evaporation or closed loop cooling systems. While their usage is incredibly important to all of the different buildings and establishments they serve, many of them are also old and outdated, according to a recent piece from the Los Angeles Times.

In typical water cooling towers the circulation rate for a 700 MW coal-fired power plant amounts to about 71,600 cubic metres an hour (315,000 US gallons per minute) and a supply water make-up rate of approximately 5% (i.e., 3,600 cubic metres an hour) is required

What’s Does the World of Custom Food Packaging Look Like For 2016?

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Custom plastic packaging

In 2015, the world saw Coca-Cola launch yet another massively successful marketing campaign that relied entirely on custom food packaging.
The “Share a Coke” campaign utilized a combination of online advertising, TV commercials, and social media marketing to get the word out to consumers. However, the true moneymaker of the campaign was the physical presentation of the product itself: on each can and bottle of Coke, the custom plastic bottles and soda cans were printed with a specific name or or moniker, such as “Susan,” “Friend,” or “Lover.”
Because of its massive success, Food and Poultry, an industry publication, highlighted Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign in a new report, titles, “The Future of Custom Food Packaging.
So what does this say about the future of custom food packaging? What