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This video shares useful information on how to start a drywall contracting business and how much money you can make. There is a big need for drywall contracting because of the home shortage, and people are more likely to renovate their existing house instead of moving to a new one. He estimates that you can make $360,000 a year and $168,000 in net income after a year of doing three drywall jobs a month. To get it right, estimate your expenses.

You’ll also have about $10,000 in float for materials. Another issue is that you should know how much you can charge.

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The traditional rate is $4 per square foot, but it can vary depending on your area and the job itself. On top of that, you need a crew to help you complete the jobs.

Marketing your business is crucial to your success. Let people know that you are in business. Reach out to general contractors, home builders, and other remodeling companies. Also, create a website and social media pages for your business. Be reliable. People want to work with contractors they can count on. So, be honest with your clients and meet your deadlines.

Get legal and insured. There’s a big need to get an LLC or corporation to separate yourself from your business and get insurance to protect yourself from liability. Basically, plan well, work hard, and be prepared – that’s the recipe for drywall domination. The bottom line is that starting drywall companies is a sweet gig if you do it smart.


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