3 Uses for Bathroom Trailer Rentals

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A good portable toilet trailer is easy on the wallet and super strong. It’s perfect for folks saving up some cash and those who use these trailers a lot. You’ll see the trailer’s neat features, starting with the outside. The fiberglass exterior makes it smooth and easy to clean.

This unit is tough as nails, so you don’t have to worry about it getting banged up a little when you’re moving it around. Setting up this trailer is a breeze too.

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It’s got strong doors with handlebars that fold out. And they’re steady, and you can get them set up quickly. The trailer also has big 16-inch wheels – they can handle rough ground better.

You’ll also learn about the trailer’s main support structure, called the A-frame. This trailer’s A-frame is built with three pieces of steel tubing. It also has scissored jacks, a super strong coupler, and even safety chains to keep everything extra secure. The waste tank on this trailer is easy to empty thanks to its big 3-inch dump valve.

On the other side, you’ll find hookups for fresh and city water. The trailer needs a regular 110-volt electrical cord to run. Inside there’s a panel with a converter and breaker. And there’s an air conditioner mounted on the roof to keep things cool. The controls for the air conditioner are right inside the women’s restroom for easy access. What’s not to like about these bathroom trailer rentals?


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