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Deciding on the right industry for your Cleveland internship can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when there are so many exciting sectors to choose from. It’s not just about choosing an industry; it’s about pinpointing the ideal environment where you can apply your skills, passion, and education. One of the best ways to navigate this maze of choices is to test out internships in different fields. This approach allows you to get firsthand experience of various industries, offering valuable insights and helping you to make an informed decision about your career trajectory.

1. Roofing

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the process of creating a secure shelter over your head, an internship in the roofing industry might just be your calling. This dynamic sector is teeming with opportunities, whether you’re interested in working with roof contractors or offering an essential roofing service. For instance, you could find yourself collaborating with a roof coatings company, learning the intricacies of different materials and best application practices. 

This hands-on experience wouldn’t just tune you into the daily rhythm of the roofing world but also help you understand the importance of safety regulations, customer service, and teamwork in a practical setting. It’s more than just climbing up a ladder; it’s about contributing to the process that turns houses into homes. So, if you’re not afraid of heights and have a knack for technical details, why not give roofing a shot? You might just find your passion in the process.

You can start by reaching out to local roofing companies or construction firms to test out internships and opportunities or check with your university’s career center for any available positions. Don’t be afraid to network and ask questions about the industry – this will not only showcase your enthusiasm but also help you gain valuable contacts in the field. Remember, an internship is an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and explore different aspects of a specific industry, so make the most of it!


If creating comfortable indoor environments tickles your curiosity, then an internship with a heating and air company should be on your radar. HVAC, an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, is a field that’s heating up with opportunities (pun intended!). As an intern, you’d delve into the world of HVAC repairs, discovering how systems are designed and maintained to keep our living and working spaces pleasant, regardless of the weather outside.

In your role, you’d work hand-in-hand with local HVAC contractors, learning the ropes and getting your hands dirty. You’ll understand firsthand how heating and cooling systems function and how intricate technical knowledge is applied to practical troubleshooting. You could be a part of a team providing vital maintenance services, or you could be assisting in the installation of a brand-new system. Every day would be a chance to learn something new and exciting.

Do not shy away from taking the initiative to test out internships with HVAC companies in your area or through your university’s career center. Networking in this industry, like asking insightful questions and building connections with experienced HVAC professionals, can open doors for your future career. Remember, an internship is more than just a temporary gig; it’s your stepping stone into the professional world. 

3. Plumbing

If you find joy in fixing things and have an interest in how water systems work, consider an internship at a licensed plumbing company. Plumbing, like the veins and arteries of our homes and offices, is an incredibly important field. As an intern, you’ll get stuck right into the world of plumbing – individuals who keep our water flowing and our homes functional.

Imagine working with a team of 24 hour plumbers, ready to tackle emergencies around the clock, learning how to diagnose and address a variety of plumbing issues. You’ll develop a keen understanding of how different plumbing services operate to keep our everyday life running smoothly. Plumbing isn’t just about unclogging drains or fixing leaks – it’s about problem-solving, customer service, and understanding complex systems.

Seize every opportunity and test out internships to learn from 24 hour plumbers in the industry about the technicalities of each plumbing service. Your internship could see you working on a major commercial project or assisting in residential service calls. Remember, it’s not just about doing the work; it’s about understanding the why and how of it all. Every day is a golden opportunity to learn, engage, and grow. 

4. Engineering

Engineering internships are a fantastic way to explore the world of design, building, and problem-solving. They offer an immersive experience, allowing you to get hands-on with real-world projects. When you opt to test out internships in engineering, you’re signing up for a world of innovation and discovery. You’ll learn how things work, why they work, and how to make them better. You might find yourself working with cutting-edge technology, participating in groundbreaking research, or contributing to important design projects.

These opportunities aren’t just about putting your theoretical knowledge to the test but about developing practical skills, honing your problem-solving abilities, and understanding the nuances of teamwork and project management. For instance, you could be part of a team designing and constructing a new building, developing environmentally friendly solutions for energy production, or working on the latest transportation technology.

You’ll collaborate with experienced engineers and be part of teams that truly make a difference in society. So remember, it’s not just the technical stuff that counts – it’s about how you can take your learnings from the classroom and transform them into tangible, impactful solutions. Every day presents a new challenge, and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.

5. Welding

Welding internships offer a unique opportunity to step into the world of fabrication and fusing materials. These internships are for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and appreciate the satisfaction of physically constructing and repairing items. When you decide to test out internships in welding, you’re in for a hands-on, detail-oriented experience that’s far from your typical desk job. 

You’ll learn how to manipulate a variety of materials, understand blueprints, and perfect your hand-eye coordination. But it’s not just about the skills you’ll gain. It’s also about the sense of accomplishment you feel when you see a finished product that you’ve created with your own hands. It’s about understanding the importance of precision, safety, and the subtle artistry involved in this trade.

Furthermore, welding internships help you understand the value of teamwork, as you’ll often be part of a larger project. It’s an opportunity to combine practical skills with theoretical knowledge, bringing classroom concepts to life. And remember, it’s not merely about mastering the welding torch; it’s about realizing how your contributions fit into the bigger picture and making a real impact. Every day in a welding internship is a new opportunity to learn, create, and grow.

6. Home Construction 

Home construction internships are a fantastic avenue for those who dream of one day designing or building homes. When you decide to test out internships in this field, you’ll be stepping into a world where architectural plans come alive, brick by brick. You’ll learn the ropes of transforming a blueprint into a safe, beautiful, and functional living space. 

It’s not just about laying bricks or installing fixtures; it’s about understanding how every detail in a house contributes to making it a home for someone. For example, you’ll learn about plumbing and electrical work, how to read floor plans and the importance of insulation. In a home construction internship, you’ll also gain practical knowledge on budgeting, time management, and project coordination. 

You’ll get the chance to work on real-life projects, witnessing first-hand how a home comes together from the ground up. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you played a part in building something that’ll stand for decades, providing shelter and comfort to a family. So, don’t just imagine it; dive in and get your hands dirty. After all, it’s not just about building homes but also building your career and future.

7. Boat and Dock Services

For water lovers and marine enthusiasts, internships in boat and dock services provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience in a niche industry. Imagine being able to test out internships that allow you to work on boats or in dockyards. You will learn the ins and outs of marine service, maintenance, and safety. 

You’ll get to see first-hand how boats are constructed, repaired, and maintained. You’ll learn about the intricate systems that keep these vessels shipshape. You’ll also get a crash course in dock services, understanding how these facilities operate to support boating activities. 

But it’s not just about the technical stuff. It’s also about building strong communication and customer service skills. Working in boat and dock services, you’ll interact with boat owners and learn how to troubleshoot problems, deliver excellent service, and handle unexpected challenges. 

8. Golf Course Management

For those who have a love for the great outdoors and an appreciation for the sport, you might want to test out internships in golf course management. It’s a dynamic field that goes far beyond simply maintaining the greens. You become part of a team that’s responsible for ensuring that the entire golf facility is operating smoothly. 

You’d get hands-on experience in turfgrass management, learning about soil composition, pest control, and irrigation systems. Plus, you’d be involved in the planning and organization of golf tournaments. This means honing your project management skills. 

But there’s more! You’d also learn the ropes of customer service and hospitality. You will ensure that golfers have an exceptional experience every time they step onto your course. You’d interact with a diverse range of people, from casual golfers to seasoned pros and even VIPs.

9. Rehab Centers

It’s not just manufacturing and office jobs that offer valuable internships. Rehab centers offer an eye-opening and deeply rewarding environment for internships. By working here, you’re not just taking a job; you’re stepping into a role that has a real impact on people’s lives.

You could test out internships spanning various specializations – everything from counseling to occupational therapy to administration. You’d see firsthand how multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to help patients recover, regain their independence, and improve their quality of life. This isn’t about just medical treatments and therapy sessions. It’s about creating a supportive and understanding environment where patients feel safe, respected, and capable of change. 

In this role, you’d also hone crucial skills like empathy, patience, and resilience. Interacting with patients, you’d learn how to provide comfort, motivate change, and handle sensitive situations with compassion and tact. Trust us, it’s one heck of a rewarding experience that will leave you with not just work skills but life skills. 

10. Medical Spas

If you’re seeking a blend of healthcare and the wellness industry, medical spas (or med spas) could be your perfect fit. Here, you could test out internships that merge therapeutic treatments with a relaxing, spa-like environment. These specialized centers offer a range of services like cosmetic procedures, skin treatments, massages, and more; all under the supervision of medical professionals.

It’s a space where health meets beauty, and you play a role in enhancing clients’ self-esteem and well-being. You’d learn about cutting-edge treatments and gain valuable customer service and interpersonal skills. But don’t think it’s all facials and massages. You’d also be part of the behind-the-scenes work—scheduling appointments, managing records, and even assisting with minor procedures.

These internships can offer a fresh perspective on healthcare, presenting it in a more holistic, patient-centric light. If you relish the idea of helping people feel good about themselves and learning about the latest in cosmetic healthcare, a med spa internship could be an excellent addition to your CV. It’s an internship experience that’s as rewarding as it is unique, bolstering your skills and increasing your understanding of this fascinating industry.

It’s clear that the world of internships is diverse. As you seek to forge your career path, don’t hesitate to test out internships across varying industries. Remember, each provides a unique learning experience, aids personal development, and equips you with versatile skills. It’s an exciting and rewarding field to immerse yourself in. Seize these opportunities and broaden your horizons. You never know where they might lead you.

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