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Every student who goes to school to pursue their dream course wants to complete studies and hop onto their dream career path: dancers, communicators, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, just any career one wants to excel in. An internship is important to excel in the career world. It introduces one to the world of work, specifically the practice of what has been learned in class. Interning helps students start a career network while mingling with like-minded people in their fields.

It’s also an opportunity for students to ponder whether they want to pursue that career. Such career-altering decisions are determined as an intern mingles with experienced professionals. The chance helps sharpen their skills before officially being employed in an organization.

An internship is part of a graduate’s first experience in a career path. Therefore, they should list their internship experience in their resume because employers will read it along with their job application letter. Below are the ten most fascinating fields you can send in your application for an internship opportunity.

1. Law Office

Law offices facilitate the realization of good governance in an organization or a government, thus protecting and promoting the human rights of the people. This creates a huge internship opportunity for young people passionate about protecting human rights and ensuring the integrity and ethics of the people are upheld. The numerous careers within the law field provide many choices for an intern.

A law student interning in a law office will get an inside look into how laws are applied to different sectors. Some lawyers specialize in environment law, others in conveyancing or paralegal services, among other interesting fields. The law office also needs law clerks, record-keeping clerks, operations assistants, and I.T. professionals.

This means a non-law professional can walk into a law office for an internship and get one. Law firms offer internship opportunities to young lawyers who have graduated from law school. It’s one of the school practice requirements and an opportunity to network with other practicing lawyers, including auto accident attorneys.

2. Interior Designer

Interior designers transform the overall outlook of a house or a space they have been tasked to transform. In a way, you can refer to them as home builders because they’re part of the building process to bring class and facelift to a home. For a graduate to get their practice license as an interior designer or home builder, they still need to complete an exam. This will be two years after graduating with their bachelor’s degree.

A student can seek internship opportunities where they’ll look out for the functional design of spaces and transform these spaces into useful and beautiful spaces. As an interior design intern, you’ll be expected to oversee projects and understand the technicalities needed. It would be wise for one seeking these internship opportunities to move near major cities such as Miami, Boston, Orlando, and San Francisco, as these cities have been noted to have a high demand for interior designers. Other opportunities exist for an internship at an interior design company for young people across the globe, including design, landscaping, and many others.

3. Architecture Firm

Architectural firms worldwide are responsible for the building designs that many enjoy looking at in cities, towns, homes, and schools. Those spectacular buildings, railways, and roads were once an architectural design and idea in someone’s mind. The difference is that whoever designed them was given an opportunity. This is what an internship does; it opens a door for you to train with the best in the field.

Architecture starts from sketching a project to actualizing the project into a prospective building. An architecture firm has opportunities for young people passionate about practicing their school education and actualizing clients’ dreams. Architecture firms employ architects, designers, and other staff supporting the vision. Interestingly, other non-career-related opportunities, such as accounting, human resource professionals, and administration assistants, are also needed in these firms.

4. Solar Panels Manufacturers

The world is paying more attention to sustainable energy options. More people are appreciating green energy and shying away from huge power bills. Solar panels are now getting popular with households and shopping malls. Students who are studying marketing have an opportunity to sell the idea of solar as an energy option in homes and businesses.

The people need information, giving intern marketers a great internship opportunity. Careers in solar panel manufacturing companies range from engineers, solar technicians, solar sales managers, marketing professionals, communications and public relations professionals, branding experts, energy conservation technicians, and many other fields. The solar manufacturing sector is a great place to send an intern application for young graduates or people looking to grow their careers.

5. City Zoo

City zoos are home to sophisticated and endangered species that need protection and further studying. Students from different schools and student housing often visit zoos to learn more about these species. Send an intern application to a city zoo if you’re interested in a career path in the tourism, environment conservation, and records-keeping sectors.

If successful, you’ll network with people in the field. You may also be interested in an internship as a zookeeper or aquarist. These are tasked with giving direct care to the animals by feeding them, training those animals that are usually trained, monitoring animal health, and educating visitors when they come to the zoo.

Other internship opportunities exist for landscapers. Typically, zoos have many outdoor spaces with grass, trees, and plants. Since they’re always open for business, maintaining a well-kept landscape ensures visitors enjoy an amazing zoo experience.

This means you don’t necessarily have to have a background of study in animal care; you only need to know where to look. Ensure you include a few samples of your previous work in your intern application. This will increase your chances of getting the spot. If you get the job at the end of the internship, you’ll be playing a key role in enhancing the experience of both the guests and the animals.

6. Local Newspaper

Local newspapers usually allow fresh graduates to intern in different sections. A journalism student will do well to learn the ropes in a real newsroom environment. As a journalism intern, you likely won’t be given the microphone to start presenting news on the first day. Still, they’ll assign you important behind-the-scenes activities before a whole news bullet is successful.

Interns accompany veteran newspaper journalists to the field to collect news stories. They’ll then be assigned the duty of writing news articles. You won’t rise through the ranks to be an editor or manager overnight, but even the longest journey begins with small steps.

Marketing students will do well in the advertising section, learning how to source for possible advertising opportunities from the market. A marketing and advertising student learns firsthand how to pitch for business and the process of getting payments done. Young people are often seen as the most dynamic members of a team in an organization and hence very vital in the happy hour special publications that can help market the newspaper outlet and brands that market their products and services in the newspaper.

7. County Courthouse

Another fascinating field to send an intern application is the county courthouse. As an intern in the courtroom, you’ll encounter real-life cases such as criminal defense for different crimes. Due to your years of study, the courthouse will expect you to be well-versed in various laws.

You may be responsible for handling some of the basic tasks before, during, and after a court session. These may include preparing the client’s files and booking the cases with the court secretary before their mention. You’ll also be expected to secure a date for court. Following up and getting the right documents from the court clerks after a judgment will also likely be part of the job.

A county court has jurisdiction to handle civil and criminal cases at the county courthouse. You can work as a court clerk, lawyer, or documentation officer at a county courthouse. These roles are great for opening up one’s understanding of the many theory classes and the mook court sessions they practiced over the years.

The county courthouse is like an unofficial attorney meeting place. So if your intern application is successful, you’ll get to listen firsthand as lawyers argue their cases in court. The county courthouse also houses the judicial chambers and courtrooms where decisions are made, and judgments passed.

8. Rehab Center

Rehabilitation centers are organizations that help addicts with substance abuse treatments. Interning at a rehab center allows you to work with people from all walks of life, navigating their recovery journey. This is a delicate space, as it calls for patience and understanding. A college degree in counseling, psychology, or social work is good for the rehab service industry.

As a counselor, it’s part of your job to listen to and help your clients navigate their difficult experiences and help them come up with solutions. You’ll get to put your skill of listening without passing judgment on the patients into practice. Psychology interns use their knowledge of human behavior, motivation, and other theories they learned to solve real-life problems that rehab centers face. Students who have studied public relations, communications, and medical courses such as addiction therapy can also apply for internship opportunities at rehab centers.

9. Funeral Home

Funeral homes are a group of businesses that provide burial and funeral services to the dead and their families. Young people who have studied for a diploma, degree, or graduate degree in funeral and mortuary science will likely get immediate opportunities to practice in a funeral home. Other internship opportunities in the industry include a funeral arranger, funeral home manager, embalmer, crematory operator, funeral service apprentice, and cemetery caretaker.

As an intern, you’ll learn the ropes and decide if it’s the career path you want to pursue. People passionate about working in the events industry have a high chance of securing an internship at funeral homes as funeral service arrangers. Some major roles or opportunities at funeral homes include transporting dead bodies, preparing a body for viewing, planning the funeral service, obtaining required legal documents, and managing the event decor services at the final sendoff. These are some of the activities you may be involved in as an intern at a funeral home.

10. IT Company

The future is IT, and IT is the future. Every organization in the world requires an IT expert to take care of the organization’s logistics and operations, which run from the company’s telephone system, network, communications, and backend operations.

The IT industry continues to grow and remains the fastest-growing sector in the USA this decade. Careers include Java developers, enterprise architects, big data engineers, and data scientists, among many other software-related jobs. You’re spoiled for choice as an intern looking to enter the IT industry. During an internship, you can try out your interests while observing and learning from veterans in the industry.

You can use the opportunity to ask important questions regarding the profession and straighten out misconceptions, such as what expectations come with the career. Interns in an I.T. company could be tasked with mundane tasks such as telephone system repair, network operation tasks, and some backend operations that run the organization. Though not obvious in many U.S. universities, some tertiary colleges make it mandatory for students to take an I.T. degree as a minor during their studies. This is a great way to poke students’ interest in tech.

Internship opportunities worldwide are a stepping stone to the real career world. Every career person needs an internship opportunity to accelerate them to the employment world. The encouraging thing about studying in America is that there is always a chance for openings to learn and improve on a skill, wherever you are.

As a student, hang around campus after the semester ends. It’s a great strategy for staying in touch with your lecturers. They usually have useful contacts and can help you get an internship in your desired study area. It’s also a unique strategy since most of your colleagues have left, which means more internship chances for you.

Some companies and hiring firms usually recruit directly from the universities. Ensure to keep your resume up to date, and drop it at the student affairs office. This way, you can be called up when opportunity opens up.

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