What Is It Like to Work in Life Science Consulting?

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A consultant in the life science consulting field has a busy day going into the office. When Jonathan goes into the office, he’s able to choose an office on any of the ten floors that his company has available to him, and go right to work. Once he’s at work, he handles the normal housekeeping tasks of setting up for a day at the office.

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In the morning he focuses on client work. Deliverables and analysis take up much of his morning work, before transitioning to meetings in the early afternoon. These meetings can be with his team or with the client.

Life science consulting work involves informing the clients of analyzed data and solutions and the next steps recommended by the consultants. Communication is one of the key skills involved in health care consulting, and in this video, because the consultant is a former doctor, he’s already practiced communicating health care information to clients in a way that’s easy to digest. The call shown in this video is a client working session, where the consultant is working with the client to facilitate a presentation. The healthcare consultant’s job is mentally stimulating but also taxing, demanding high concentration and attention.


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