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We all receive mail that contains sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, private addresses, and even social security numbers, on a regular basis. While these documents serve important functions, they need to be disposed of carefully and properly to protect their contents. This can be achieved with a few simple steps or with the help of professional shredding services.

If attempting to destroy the documents yourself, you will need a container that will be resistant to bleach corrosion.

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Fill the container with your sensitive documents, a half gallon of bleach, and five gallons of water. Once the paper is saturated, this mixture should reduce your papers to a pulp. When working with bleach, it is suggested that you wear long sleeves and reduce the chance of your skin becoming exposed. It is also wise to have the Poison Control phone number on hand in case of emergency.

However, this method puts you at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and should be taken cautiously. A safer method would be to hire professional shredding services. Many local companies will conveniently travel to your home or business. With their years of experience and industry-standard equipment, these professionals will ensure that your information is destroyed without any risk to you or your identity.

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