How a Roof Repair Service Identifies Leaks

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A roof leak can be difficult to locate, tough to repair and even frightening for homes and property owners. In addition, a roof leak can jeopardize a property’s livability. Roof repair services are able to detect where the leaks are in your home’s roof through their technical experience. The YouTube video “Roof Repairs Stop and Prevent Leaky Roofs” discusses how a roof repair service detects leaks.

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The roof repair process begins by visually inspecting the entire roof. If the client has recently experienced an unfortunate natural disaster, such as a tornado, heavy rainstorm, or even a hurricane, the roof repair services inspect the roof for evidence of leakage. Even the tiniest hailstones can cause roof hail damage and a leaky roof.

Roof repair services will also inspect for broken shingles to calculate how many replacement shingles are required. They will examine the entire roof for any loose shingles. They will make use of a cement adhesive to hold them in place. A roof repair service also secures curled shingles. Curled-back shingles, for instance, can be re-secured using a coat of asphalt roofing cement or an analogous solution in tubes with a caulk gun.


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