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Electricity is a pervasive force that enervates every aspect of modern life. Electrician basics can seem perplexing and overwhelming, but they are easy to understand with little knowledge. The clip “Electrical 101: Basic Wiring Knowledge” offers some electrician basics you need to know.

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Without it, humankind would be weaker in every way imaginable. Electricity allows people to communicate with each other instantaneously across a vast distance. An electrical system comprises components from different categories, including hardware and software. Your electrical system is a complex network that interconnects all of these components.

Electricity is generated in power plants where fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas burn at high temperatures to boil water. The steam created from this process turns a turbine that spins an electric generator. You have a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing electrical system when you install it properly.

People use two different types of electrical power distribution in homes and buildings: alternating current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). Electricity is distributed to your facility through the main electrical panel. You can locate the panel either at the entrance of your building or in the ceiling. Electricity then travels through power lines to your home or business, where it can be distributed to various end-users in your building.


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