Choosing The Right Paint Roller Will Save Your Business Time and Money


In business, customer experience is everything. It is what keeps customers happy and coming back. Therefore it is a major driver of profit and importance. One major component of experience is environment. It is the stage on which your business performs.

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This includes many factors from lighting to decoration. This is also an easy step to get wrong. For example, you may have walls where the paint is old and peeling off. This certainly does not create a good environment for your customers. If this is the case, you should either call reliable interior painters immediately or get to work doing it yourself.

If you decide to do the painting yourself, you will certainly save some money. However, you could just as easily lose that money if you do it wrong. A common mistake is not knowing which paint roller to use. Each paint roller has a different nap length. This is basically the size of the bristles on the roller. Nap lengths range from short to long. The more textured your wall is, the longer length nap you will need. If the wall is completely smooth, you will want a short nap to give it the best finish.


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