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The world of architecture is without-a-doubt an awesome sight to behold. So many building are erected every single day, with newer and more modern designs coming out all the time. Architects are responsible for the coolest homes and living spaces on earth, as well as the home you live in right now! Aside from the hard work that goes into designing a building precisely and accurately, there are many other parts of an architect’s job that we don’t get to see on the daily. This video details a day in the life of someone who works at an architecture firm.

Clearly, life at an architecture company is busy and full of several different tasks. You may be working on UX design, working on tiny bathroom details, or even going to on-sites to check out the progress! Being an architect means walking through each step of the home-building process, from initial brainstorming to the finished furnishing details.

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You may be working on several sites at once, and may need to handle several different contractors for a single project. The web of communication is vital to being a successful architect in an architecture company.


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