Tips for Becoming an Air Conditioning Contractor

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HVAC systems are essential to improve the air quality indoors. Because of the industry’s growth, there has been an increase in interested individuals who desire to become HVAC contractors.

If you’re interested in the profession, being an HVAC contractor is best for you.

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Here are some tips to consider.

1. Take and Pass the Exams

Like any other contractor, you have to take exams to attain your license. This is regardless of your experience, and there are two exams you’re going to take, the Business and Finance exam and the trade exam.

2. State Requirements

Next would be your requirements, for the state would want to see that you have at least four years of experience. The one year would be about being a foreman out of that four years.

There are three different levels for contractors from bottom to top; Air B, Air A, and Mechanical as the highest level. You must have these experiences to apply for a license.

3. State Application

When you’re finished with the requirements, you can proceed with the application. It’s where you will mention your education experience and provide credit reports.

4. Continued Education

HVAC contractors must have their continued education every 2 years. It’s a 14-hour course ad it’s usually offered online. And when you’re complete with the education, it is reported to the state.


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