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The backyard is a space that is not utilized accordingly in most houses. This space can hold numerous amenities and additional house features that will go a long way in curbing your environment’s appeal. A guest house is a necessity viewed by most homeowners as a luxury, when, in fact, it serves a specific purpose in every living space. You can build a guest house in your backyard, and there are numerous structure designs available for you to browse through. This article features everything you need to know about building an extra room in your background and tips on guaranteeing satisfactory and timely results.

Building a Guest House in Your Backyard

The construction cost of building a guest house in your backyard is not too high; it is equivalent to a complete kitchen renovation. The total project cost will significantly depend on the size of your construction, design, and materials used in the process. You can use the new space to host in-laws and friends or even make passive income by turning it into an Airbnb rental.

Custom Build

No approach allows the homeowner plenty of customization, like building a custom structure from scratch. You can design to determine a design, handle all the financing issues, and oversee the structure’s construction if you are familiar with construction concepts and have the necessary permits. Although this method guarantees satisfactory results, it is the most time-consuming and expensive option available on our list.

According to HomeAdvisor, building a 600 square foot guest apartment would start from $60,000, while an onsite home ranges from around $100-$200 per square foot. You can always opt to build a small structure to save on construction costs, though this will have a reduced return on investment in the long run. Select an ideal location and consider the best accessory dwelling unit building service if you wish to get the most out of your project.

Customize an Existing Structure

Another practical option to take when building a guest house is converting an existing structure to a backyard guesthouse. You can transform a shed or a garage into a habitable space; it is among the most affordable options and does not require extensive permits. The addition of structural upgrades like new windows, an inground swimming pool, a ceiling, and unique flooring can prove helpful in improving the return to your guest house.

The project’s overall cost will depend on the features you want to include, and the contractors used. Customization projects are not time-consuming as they may take four to six weeks to complete. The duration may slightly extend if you install fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom; the timeframe can even double. You may need to acquire the recommended permits since it is time-consuming and makes most homeowners late in their schedules.

Buy a Ready-Made Guest-House

Another cheap option to build a guest house in your backyard is buying a ready-made structure and placing it in your compound. Thanks to technology, companies can now build a functional design off-site and move it to the client’s location after purchase. Companies offering this service are increasing, resulting in various design options to choose from. If you wish for a custom build, you can reach out to the company and arrange the specifications before commencing the project.

Adequate preparation is necessary when planning to buy an already-built structure. Some standard practices to expect include leveling the construction ground, grading it, and installing a solid foundation. You also need to observe each unit’s features; some guest house units are not insulated, causing temperature differences during extreme weather conditions. Browse thoroughly through the numerous options available and find the best prospect to guarantee you the best deal according to your budget.

Types of Guest Houses to Build in Your Backyard

Accessory Dwelling Unit

An accessory dwelling unit is one of the most common structures you can build in your backyard to serve as extra space to host your visitors. You can only find an ADU in a single-family residential property, and it is more of a second house with all the features of functional living space. There are specific legal requirements involved in building an accessory dwelling unit, including permits and the acceptable size of the structure. You will need to construct a structure with not less than 500 feet of relatively expensive room for the highest return on investment.

Tiny Home

You can opt to make a tiny home in your background; it will save you space and money. Since this is a small structure, you will need to prepare adequately; what features you want, settle for financial planning service, and decide on the contractor to handle the project. Mobile homes and camping RVs can act as excellent alternatives for tiny houses- they save you on construction costs and time.

Modular Guest House

If you require extra space in your compound, a modular guest house might be the best option for you. The room can act as a guest house and have other titles like an office, a creative workplace, or even extra accommodation for your large family. Most modular structures are 600-1500 square feet with two bedrooms. These structures are built off-site; you only need to prepare the foundation after buying one online.

Shipping Container

One outstanding recommendation for building a guest house in your backyard is using existing structures in your compound. A shipping container is an excellent example of a design you can customize to make a remarkable living space. You will require a building contractor specialized in container modification for professional services like hardwood flooring installation in your interior.

Guest House Kits

Guesthouse kits are fast gaining popularity in real estate. They include ready-made backyard guest house structures you buy and fix in your backyard without having to make extensive customizations. Every buyer can select either a comprehensive guest house or a home office package since they offer different services.

You will find an instructional manual and all the materials required to install the structure in your space at every unit purchased. Since most of these units do not feature a disposing system, you may need to consult with the local dumpster rental service to maintain cleanliness. Companies like Studio shed, Jamaica Cottage Shop, and Kanga Room systems have outstanding kit designs at customer-friendly prices.

Guesthouse Designs to Build in your Backyard

Detached Guest Houses

A detached new guest house is the standard structure design you will find in most homes. It involves building a separate structure from your main house, which will feature amenities to facilitate a conducive living environment. This prospect is ideal for homeowners with ample space in their backyard so that building another structure will not congest their environment. You can reach out to a tree removal company to free some space in your compound.

Garage Conversion Guest Houses

Did you know your guest house is convertible to a guest house, or better yet, convert it into a two-story structure and have an extra room above it? One advantage of building a guest house in your garage is not worrying about preparing another foundation. The existing walls, plumbing, and electricity will make it easier for the construction contractors and result in a quick project.

Bump Out Guest Houses

Bump out guest houses involves creating an extension to your existing home structure. There are factors to consider when determining which side the bump-out will be, its size, and the expected addition. Most homeowners prefer small structures, although your crew can build a bump-out guest house as big as you want. It would be essential to consider that the larger and more detailed your construction is, the higher the overall price involved.

What are the Benefits of Building a Guest House in your Backyard?

Additional Living Space

One outstanding advantage of building a guest house in your backyard is it creates additional living space for you and your family. Most homeowners build guesthouses for domestic purposes, while others build them to profit by renting the rooms. You can use the extra space to entertain your guests, host your in-laws or even use it as a personal office. There are endless ways to turn the guest house in your backyard into a productive space.

Increases Comfort

Building a guest house in your backyard also proves effective in increasing the general comfortability of your living space. You can host and entertain your friends and relatives without having to compromise on personal freedom and comfort. Since these units feature all the functioning amenities of ideal living space, your visitors will have a safe space to handle their issues less dependent on the central unit.

Safety and Privacy

It is usual for every individual to crave a specific degree of privacy and safety requirements. Having a guest house in your backyard improves your home’s safety and privacy ratings. Visitors are at liberty to handle their concerns in a secluded space that meets their safety expectations. You can enjoy some distance away from your family without having to leave the compound; you will only exit through the backdoor and enter the guest room for a private session.

Creates a Multi-Generational Living

Having a guesthouse in your backyard will prove beneficial if they wish to have their extended family move in and live together. This extra room creates a multi-generational living space that is comfortable for all those involved. You will not have to worry about them invading your personal space since the extension will provide an ideal living environment.

Your permanent guests will have total independence in their unit; elderly individuals require frequent checking-up. You may need to plan for dumpster rentals to handle waste and garbage disposal of the entire household. The guest house can also act as a nurse’s room; the patient may reside in one of the rooms in the main house, while the space serves as a work and living station for the medical caregiver.

Additional Income

You can earn additional income after building a guest house in your backyard by renting out the space. Renting your guest house is not a new practice, and homeowners globally have found it immensely profitable in the long run. Since housing prices continue increasing, you can charge your tenants rent monthly and wait until the property pays for itself.

Increases Property Value

Homeowners build guest houses in their backyard because of extra living space. However, most of them are unaware that successful completion of the project means an increase in the value of their property. Your property will stand out from the rest in the real estate market, and you are at a better chance of landing an extremely profitable deal.

Are there any Disadvantages in Building a Guest House in Your Backyard?

It Requires Careful Planning

Every housing project requires a detailed plan for its successful completion. The process involved in building a guest house in your backyard needs to have aspects like the initial idea, necessary permits, and adequate funding. If your construction requires roofers, make the arrangements required for satisfactory results. It’s important that if you are going to need professional services, it’s important that you plan out the cost of these services, such as the cost for roofers, electricity, and etc.

It is Expensive

Building a backyard guest house is relatively expensive. You need to understand that you will be building a separate structure in your compound, requiring you to invest your time and resources. You can plan for financial assistance if you find your budget is insufficient; you will only need to ensure you get a deal with an ideal repayment plan.

It is Disruptive

The construction process of a guest house in your backyard is quite disruptive. The task requires you to dedicate your time, which means you will have to adjust your schedule to suit your current responsibilities. The noise involved in the construction will also cause some disturbance in your living space; some pool installers manage to keep the noise down by using specialized equipment.

Every homeowner should consider building a guest house in their backyard to increase the living space in their compound. You can use different designs depending on your compound layout and available area. Confirm with a professional before commencing the project to avoid any accidents or unsatisfactory results in the procedure.

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