Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Signage

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We see signage just about everywhere we go. From the marquee signs for business to the school sign board we pass by on our drive to work, signage is all around us. And though you might not consciously think about this signage all too often, this signage is very important indeed. After all, signage can be used for many purposes, from advertising to simply conveying important information that should not be missed.

Take, for example, the typical school marquee signs that can be found in front of just about every school building here in the United States. These school LED signs and other such outdoor school signs can be hugely effective at conveying important information to both students and their parents and guardians. From dates of closure to school events like concerts and athletic events to even honoring student achievements, outdoor LED school signs are multi-purpose and even vital to any given school.

In addition to this, signs for churches are similarly useful. These signs can be used to convey important worship and service information, as well as any church events going on in the near future. Many churches will also post verses from the Bible on their outdoor church signs, an easy way to reach their congregation and even the larger community in which they exist. For many churches, as is the case with the aforementioned schools, signage is very important indeed.

Of course, signage is also hugely influential when it comes to advertising, as is seen in the many marquee signs for businesses that can be found just about anywhere that you go here in the United States. These marquee signs for businesses can be placed right next to the business or farther away – both methods should ideally be utilized for different purposes. But one thing is certain – marquee signs for businesses should never be forgone entirely.

But what exactly is the purpose of marquee signs for businesses and other such signage for businesses? For many businesses, billboards alone have a considerable impact when it comes to driving traffic into their stores. The data gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim, showing that more than 70% of all people pay attention to billboards both traditional and digital as they drive past them, with up to 37% of these people paying close attention to just about all marquee signs for businesses and other such outdoor signage that they pass by. And it has been found that just over one quarter of all people will pay attention to phone numbers and websites that they see on billboards and other such marquee signs for businesses, with more than half of all surveyed people (around 58%, to be more precise) finding not only an event that they later attended through looking at billboards, but restaurants (at least one) as well.

And this just goes to show that marquee signs for businesses have a profound effect on customer shopping decisions. After all, this isn’t all that surprising when you look at the information that shows that more than 65% of all customers (around 68% of them) will make at least some of their shopping decisions while still in the car. And more than 30% of all patrons to any particular business will have found out about that business through signage like marquee signs for businesses and billboards as well as other types of signage like an outdoor LED display. Even at Best Buy, up to 17% of all walk in customers only did so because they saw the sign or another such advertisement for the store.

Of course, we cannot forget about on site signage. On site signage plays a key and critical role in customer interactions as well. For instance, items in a store marked with signage actually do considerably better – sometimes as much as 20% better in sales – than items that are not highlighted with signage. And this actually even remains the case when said items are not even on sale. Therefore, it is clear to see how powerful signage – all signage, including marquee signs for businesses – can be. Signage is certainly not to be underestimated.

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